Cookie Land patisserie cafe, Athens

I discovered Cookie Land some years ago, when a colleague brought cookies from this patisserie for his birthday. I recently realized that they also have a store/cafe in downtown Athens really close to my office, so a “dessert date” with my friends was in order.

Cookie Land has displays with the desserts and ice cream flavors so you can see what’s available. We were treated with a delicious butter cookie and then sat down to plot our order. One of my friends and I went for the rich chocolate cake (called sokolatopita, which literally translates to chocolate pie) topped with ice cream and my other friend went for the orange cake topped with ice cream.

desserts in Cookie Land, Athen

The hazelnut ice cream was delicious and the chocolate cake is made from bitter chocolate and its sweetness is very subtle! The butter cookie that we was treated was also very tasty and I’m still dreaming about it!

cookies in Cookie Land, Athens

Cookie Land is located in 3, Kapnikareas street, just off Ermou street, making it ideal for a pit stop while shopping or exploring Athens’ city center! More delicious creations from Cookie Land can be found on their Facebook page.

Cookie Land, Athens