Urban Outfitters cardigan and Zara tank top

I love to walk and take advantage of every opportunity on doing so, even in downtown Athens. It’s easier to walk while on vacations though, even on the beach, on the promenade or on country roads. The latter happens when I visit my husband’s village in Crete, which is up in the mountains and has a couple of trails that I like to walk on! I was there last August and although it was very hot in the coastal towns, it was rather windy up in the mountains, where the village is located (that’s why you’re seeing a cardigan in these photos).

For leisure walks comfort is the key for me! The outfit I chose this time consisted of leggings (these are from Guess), my trusty Zara tank top and a cardigan (from Urban Outfitters)! Shoe wise I went for my comfortable pair of Fanstasy Sandals (also styled with a tropical print dress). And no need for a bag since the cardigan has pockets! This outfit works well as a transitional one to fall as it contains both summer (tank top, sandals) and fall (cardigan, leggings) elements!

P.S. Fun fact: those pictures where shot in the same place where I had my day after wedding photoshoot!

Tell me, which is your outfit of choice for a leisure walk?

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