Tremont Street, South End

South End is probably my favorite neighborhood at Boston. Maybe it has to do with the fact that the area  has an abundance of Victorian townhouses (the largest historic district in the US). Maybe it has to do with the small parks surrounded by brick English style houses. Maybe it’s the small stores one encounters throughout the area. I can pinpoint exactly what it is, but I like it!

I initially visited the area after walking around Chinatown and Theater District on a hot September day. But when the time came for me to review my photos, none made the cut! So on a crispy November afternoon I bundled up, took my camera and ventured out! I stepped off Back Bay Station and took Dartmouth street heading south.

Upon reaching Tremont street I walked further down until I froze 😛 and then started to explore the little squares/parks on perpendicular streets. My favorite one has to be Union Park!

Enjoy my afternoon walk in Boston’s South End!

P.S. Boston’s Back Bay, Beacon Hill and Parks!

Doors/ Florist shop in South End Houses in Dartmouth street, South End Doors in Appleton street/ Decorative detail in Tremont Street tree in Tremont street, South End

Follain shop and house detail in Dartmouth street Union Park, South End Door in Union Park/ Christmas decoration in Tremont Street The Prudential Center as seen from Rutland Square Union Park, South End Rutland Square, South End