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So, I’m taking a small break from showing you my whereabouts in Boston, to travel a little back in time to my summer vacations and introduce you to a little gem…

If you’re visiting Rethymno, then Avli restaurant, should be on your “to visit” list. Located in a picturesque cobblestone, bougainvillea adorned little street in the Old Town, this restaurant offers a mix of traditional Cretan dishes, as well as “reformed” Cretan dishes as well (what I call “with a twist”). Avli in Greek means yard and that exactly is the main feature of the restaurant: a nice little yard adorned with quirky chandeliers and peculiar wall art.I discovered this restaurant  after reading about it in Sandy’s blog “S Marks the Spots” and back in August, when I was vacationing in Crete, I devised my schedule in such a way in order to make sure that I would visit the restaurant.

Avli restaurant Rethymno decorative details

The food was delicious … Oh man, I could just be satisfied with the bread assortment they serve plus a salad. But alas, we also tried mushrooms with cheese mousse as an appetizer, a vegetarian risotto (with cereals, fresh mushrooms, zucchini and thyme) and a free range goat cooked with a delicious marinade of honey and thyme. Price wise, Avli restaurant is on the mid to upper part of the scale, but the quality of the food won’t disappoint you! Needless to say that we ended up recommending this cute restaurant in Rethymno to everyone we know!

Essential Information: Avli is located in corner of Xanthoudidou 22 & Radamanthios streets, Rethymno 74100, tel: +30 28310 58250/26213. You can also find it online here (they offer accomodation as well).

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