2 days in Chania, Crete

The last weekend of September my husband and I spent a weekend in Chania, Crete for a wedding. It was the perfect opportunity to explore the city yet again, on season this time! The city was full of people; locals and visitors alike but less busy than it would be in August. The weather was pleasant (and breezy) making it ideal for long walks.

frangipani at Etz Hayyim synagogue Chania

During our previous visit in January we had covered many of the city’s important sites such as the old town, the old port, Eleftherios’ Venizelos tomb and house. This time we aimed at visiting the Etz Hayyim Synagogue which dates back to the 15th century but was destroyed over time and was rebuilt some 20 years ago. Photography inside is not allowed but I captured this beautiful frangipani (aka plumeria) flower in the synagogue’s garden. In fact, I was very excited to find out that these trees bloom in Crete and not only in tropical places like Hawaii!! We also visited Chania’s Cathedral and the Catholic Church of Chania all pictured above.

Chania old port, Crete

Other places we checked out this time was the Central Market and the city’s Public Garden. The latter was just opposite our hotel and includes a petting zoo which the famous Cretan goats called Kri Kri. These can be found in the wild in Samaria gorge. What I like the most in Chania though, is walking around the Old Town, which is full of picturesque corners, like this blush pink staircase pictured above!

Oh yes and my outfit happened to match the said staircase! For the record I’m wearing a Zara tank top (have it in grey as well and loving it), an old Guess vest and a lovely layered necklace from Swarovski (c/o).

bougatsa in Iordanis, Chania

Culinary wise, we asked around for restaurant AND dessert recommendations for Chania. The first tip we got was to visit Iordanis for bougatsa. Bougatsa is a pie made with phyllo dough and is filled with either cheese or patisserie cream and is sprinkled with sugar. Iordanis is famous for the cheese filled bougatsa and although it’s a small, no frills eatery, it is full of people!

Cheesecake in Koukouvagia, Chania

The next dessert recommendation was Koukouvagia (means Owl), a cafe located next to Venizelos’ tomb which provides an amazing view over Chania. I tried their cheesecake which was very fresh and delicious (and huge)! On our last day, we checked out a restaurant called Kritamon that I had spotted the day before while walking around the old city. We were so delighted by this place, that it deserves a post of its own which will follow shortly!

Zara top Guess vest at La Maison Ottomane Chania

And because September is still considered as summer in Greece, we made sure to check a couple of Chania’s ice cream parlors. On Chalidon street near Chania Archaeological Museum you’ll find Peiragmeno (ice cream pictured above) and Delizia Gelato Italiano.

I’m leaving you with more photos from our weekend in Chania!

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Chania old port