Boston Public Garden

What I totally enjoy here in Boston is walking through Boston Common and Public Garden when I want to make my way from Downtown to Back Bay. I’ve also ventured out to Arnold Arboretum, passed through Back Bay Fens and explored the park surrounding Mystic River, which is pretty close to where I live.

I also like to take pictures of nature and those parks and gardens gave me that opportunity! I was pretty hyped when visiting the Arboretum because I got to see trees and bushes that I haven’t seen before! When crossing the Back Bay Fens I stumbled upon a very beautiful and quiet rose garden…I love rose gardens. That’s where a shot this very pretty pink rose (and wished I had one like this in my bridal bouquet).

Of course what excites me the most are squirrels! It’s so funny to watch them run around searching for food, or hiding their food!! But I got lucky twice and caught them in the act: eating!! Yes, they make good models, if and when they stand still!

Arnold Arboretum squirrel at Boston Public Garden