Peabody Essex Museum atrium

So, yesterday I had the opportunity to visit my favorite town as of late a.k.a Salem, MA for a quick visit/field trip to Peabody Essex Museum. So Salem, apart from being that city where witches were persecuted, had a really active sea trade with Europe, Caribbean and Asia (I’m sure I’m missing some places. but you get the point). That’s why the captains of Salem founded the East India Marine Society. The society had multiple roles: it was a kind of insurance company for the captains and their families, it was a way for the captains to exchange journals and tips for certain routes and it was also the place where the “souvenirs” that sailors brought from abroad were exhibited. At that time those curiosities served more as validation of where the sailors have been and what kind of people they had encountered. I captured some of these artifacts and was also fascinated my the museums atrium and the hall where the exhibits were.

So here are some minimal details from Peabody Essex Museum!

tea cup from Japan

East India Marine Hall, Peabody Essex Museum random artifact