Where to eat in Rome: Osteria dell' Angelo
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Where to eat in Rome

It’s no secret that pizza is my favorite food ever so I was very excited to visit Rome last month! The best pizza in town still escapes me, but I have plenty of suggestions on where to eat in Rome (especially pasta) for you! So let’s move on! 1) Osteria dell Angelo In just a 10′ walk from the Vatican museums in the Prati neighborhood of Rome, you’ll find Osteria dell Angelo. It’s a place where you’ll come across a lot of locals, rugby decoration and delicious food. I tried the carbonara which was delicious but also eyed some interesting steaks….

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Colosseum, Rome

15 things to do in Rome

You’ve probably heard or read Rome referred to as “The Eternal city” and the term couldn’t be more accurate. While walking around the city you will come across ancient ruins, churches and monument spanning the centuries from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance to more modern times, buildings from the 19th century. Rome is living history and for that alone it’s worth a visit! There are a lot of things to do and see in Rome, so I’ve rounded up the highlights – along with some tips for visiting Rome. 1) Visit St Peter’s Basilica Let’s start our visit in…

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