Los Angeles

Mc Way Falls in Julia Pfeiffer National Park

9 Days California Road Trip Itinerary

Today marks 2 years since the day I set foot in California. Visiting Los Angeles (and California in general) has always been on my wish list: the palm trees, endless beaches, the Hollywood Sign, Beverly Hills and many more! My friends and I spent 9 full days in the Golden State visiting places, walking, dining and taking it all in. I’ve wanted to write down our itinerary, the places we dined and the hotels we stayed for a long time, so here it is! A compact itinerary which you can use as an inspiration to plan your California road trip….

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downtown Los Angeles
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A walk around Downtown LA

It’s not secret that I fell in love with Los Angeles when I visited back in March! Before I planned my trip I had no idea how vast LA is, where the different neighborhoods are positioned on the map or which places to visit except for Beverly Hills and Santa Monica! The bits and bobs I knew about LA came from TV series (hello Beverly Hills 90210), films and of course celebrity blogs and magazines (I honestly can’t recall how many times celebrities were spotted on the Grove (which, yes I managed to visit back in March). The one place…

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Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles

As a Frank Gehry fan, I couldn’t miss seeing the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles! We parked nearby and started our walk around Downtown LA from this place. But first, we walked around the building, which spans almost 4 acres, took some “outfit” photos and enjoyed the Blue Ribbon garden and this exquisite rose shaped fountain. The fountain is made up from broken up Delft porcelain and is dedicated to Lillian Disney, Walt’s wife, who pledged a $50 million gift towards the construction of a new concert hall. The concert hall was inaugurated in 2004 and is the home…

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View from Getty Center

12 Fun Things I Did in Los Angeles

California was high on my travel wishlist, probably because of all the films and series I’ve watched that take place there. Well I grew up watching Beverly Hills 90210 (the original one not the remake) after all! And then there is San Francisco and Golden Gate bridge and not to mention Pacific Coast Highway 1, which I discovered through blogs and Pinterest (the latter one is definitely a “thing” nowadays for travel planning along with Instagram). Today I’m really proud and excited to say that I’ve been there and done that and I really really liked the experience! I have…

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