Postcards from Kardamyli, Peloponnese, Greece

Last year during my Peloponnese road trip I missed the opportunity to visit Karadmyli. Well, we did stop and walk towards Old Karadmyli. It was rainy; the signs were inadequate so we didn’t see much. So this year we returned to the area to spend more time in Kalamata and stop in Kardamyli.

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We started our day in Kalamata with a hearty breakfast at Elektra Hotel & Spa. After an hour of equal scenic and mountainous ride, we reached Kardamyli. We found somewhere to park and started to explore the village. We explored almost all the cobblestone streets on the east part of the village. Then we headed towards the beach and the jetty.

cobblestone street in Kardamyli, Paloponnese, Greece


Kardamyli has a couple of pebble beaches that are accessible on foot from the village. If you prefer sand you can head south to Stoupa (which we explored last year). What I loved in the village though was the colorful and ornate doors! Before leaving we stopped for tea and orange juice at Lola.


Lola frozen Yoghurt Kardamyli, Peloponnese, Greece

Lola is a cute cafe with a nice backyard. They have a nice breakfast menu selection and do offer frozen yogurt as the sign suggests. I had eaten a lot for breakfast so I got a herbal tea. We also got sandwiches for the rest of our trip to Elafonisos.

jasmine in Kardamyli, Peloponnese, Greece


So, after fueling up at Lola we continued on our trip to Elafonisos. I’m really glad that we returned this year and checked out Kardamyli too. It’s a very cute village and I enjoyed it more than Stoupa. Make sure to check out the posts from last year’s Peloponnese Road trip:

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Let me know, do you like Kardamyli?

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