Peskesi restaurant, Heraklion Crete
Peskesi restaurant is undoubtfully the new it-place in Heraklion. I visited it on my mother-in-law recommendation but it keeps popping up everywhere. I read about it on Aegean airlines magazine, I’ve seen it on my Facebook and Instagram feeds. But popularity isn’t the reason why you should visit it. You should visit it, because it’s a very good restaurant!

About Peskesi restaurant  

Peskesi restaurant, Heraklion Crete Peskesi restaurant, Heraklion Crete

Peskesi focuses on the farm-to-table philosophy. The family behind Peskesi owns a farm in the area of Hersonissos. There they cultivate vegetables and raise free range animals. That means that the vegetables and eggs used in dishes come from the farm. The meat and dairy products are locally produced by Cretan farmers. The wine comes from Cretan Wineries.
Peskesi refers to its cuisine as “Authentic Cretan Cuisine”. The restaurant’s focuses on the Cretan diet based on wild herbs, seeds, pulses, honey, olives and olive oil. The dishes are simple and very well presented. During our last visit, my husband got gamopilafo (meaning wedding pilaf) and it was served on a marble dish.

The menu

appetizer at Peskesi restaurant, Heraklion Crete appetizer at Peskesi restaurant, Heraklion Crete

appetizer at Peskesi restaurant, Heraklion Crete
Now let’s talk really about the food! Peskesi’s menu has a plenty of appetizers, which all seem so delicious and it’s difficult to choose from. My favorite one has to be the cheese flutes accompanied by fig marmalade. The filling was a mixture of Cretan cheeses and matched perfectly with the marmalade. We also ate fried potatoes with staka. Staka is prepared by cooking goat milk cream over a low flame with wheat flour or starch. The protein-rich part of the butterfat coagulates with the flour or starch and forms staka. (source Wikipedia).
hand cut burgers at Peskesi restaurant, Heraklion Crete grilled chicken at eskesi restaurant, Heraklion Crete Peskesi restaurant, Heraklion Crete gamopilafo at Peskesi restaurant, Heraklion Crete
For the main course, I had burgers, which were actually made from thinly cut meat rather than minced meat. My mother in law got chicken with a jacket potato. It sounds basic but was very well cooked and delicious.
Portions are big and having eaten the appetizers there was no space for desserts. That means I have to go back because I’ve seen that they have a killer cheesecake! In the past, I’ve tried cheese pie from Sfakia (accompanied with honey) which was very nice. As a farewell, the restaurant treated us to a peach based liqueur along with a shot glass with fresh yogurt and petimezi (a type of sweet syrup). As for drinks, we got refreshments made from sage and lemon verbena.
Peskesi restaurant, Heraklion Crete

That pretty much concludes my review of Peskesi. Probably, the longest and most thorough I’ve ever written. It is clear that I love this place and if you visit Heraklion add it to your list!