Da Vinci Gelato at Athens Street Food Festival

Over 3 weekends in May, the Athens Street Food Festival took place. The location was an old trolley depot in Ermou Street (corner with Pireos street). Last year it took place over only one weekend and I didn’t have the time to peruse it properly. I did pop on to try a specific dessert though: the so-called chimney dessert that I had eaten years ago in Budapest. This year though, I fared much better. I visited on two subsequent Sundays. I tried out from 3 different stalls and I am in a better position to review this event. I do really hope a) they repeat it next year b) they consider making this old depot a permanent food market.

How it works

Mama Roux at Athens Street Food Festival

The Athens Street Food Festival has an entry fee of 2,5€ per person. Then you pay at each individual stand according to their menu/price list.  There are barrels with stools (not that many) where you can grab a bite and communal tables.

Which are the options?

The options are many: Peruvian, Indian, Chinese, Mexican cuisines, burgers, souvlaki, and desserts!

Knorr stand at Athens Street Food Festival

You can always mix and match as some stands do offer small portions for 3-4€. I can’t eat a lot, so taking one dish from one stand plus dessert is ok for me! That’s why I had to visit twice. To try new things 😉 .

My experience

Kaminada Chimney Cake at Athens Street Food Festival

I visited both times on Sunday afternoon (2.30pm) and it was busy, but without long waiting lines at the stalls. The first time we even found a table to sit, although it was in the sun and it was scorching that day! The second time we resorted to a barrel and it wasn’t that convenient (t wanted to sit down at some point)!

Food wise now, I tried a pulled pork sandwich from Panthera Negra. It is a Peruvian bistro located in the Ancient market square in Plaka. The sandwich bun was made with black corn, hence the peculiar color. It was very delicious and satisfying and the size was fine with me. I then got the chimney-like dessert from Kaminada. This dessert originates from Hungary(?) and I had tasted it years ago in Budapest. I went for the Nutella and biscuit option, but I’m sure the plain one with sugar and cinnamon is nice as well.

BBQ sampler from Po Boys at Athens Street Food Festival

On my second visit, had a hard time choosing. The burgers from Monster Burger and Burger bar were calling my name, but I resisted. Instead, I got a bao bun with pulled pork (small but very tasty) from Mama Roux and a smoked turkey BLT from Po’ Boys. My husband got the BBQ sampler from Po’ Boys which had a lot of variety!

This time we didn’t stay there for dessert but headed to my beloved Gazi College in Gazi!

To conclude, I enjoyed the Athens Street Food Festival. I don’t eat a lot, so it wasn’t an expensive experience for me. I spent 14,5€ the first time (entrance included) and 9,5€ the second time (entrance included). You can always mix and match with your friends and sample from a lot of stalls.

I hope the festival returns next year as well!

What is your experience with food festivals? Let me know in the comments!