hot chocolate at Σοκολάτα Athens

If you’re a regular reader you probably know that I don’t drink coffee. I love cute cafes but always opt for tea or chocolate (and sometimes for a cocktail). Admittedly it’s easier to find a nice tea than chocolate, as there are various brands of tea bags, but in both cases if you are looking for something exceptional then you have to visit a specialty shops. That’s where To Tsai (Το Τσάι, translates to Tea) and Sokolata (Σοκολάτα, translates to chocolate) come to play. So let’s have a look!

To Tsai

To Tsai is located in a tiny street parallel to Akadimias street. It’s a small and minimal place that feels very peaceful and zen. Here you can sit for a cup of tea and some cake and even by loose leaf tea to take back home. The selection is vast and I find it difficult to choose some times. My favorite lately is called “white angel” and consists of white tea, orange zest, almond, cinnamon, lemongrass, orange and rose blossom. It smells like cookies and is delicious!

More about To Tsai on their website.


hot chocolate at Σοκολάτα Athens Σοκολάτα Athens

If hot chocolate is your thing, you must visit Sokolata! You can find it in 2 locations: one on Apollonos and Voulis street and the second one in Ermou street (inside the arcade at number 56). What makes Sokolata different? Well, they use melted Vahlrona chocolate instead of powdered one (like most cafes do). I’ve been there 3 times to date and always go for milk chocolate. My favorite one is Caramelia, with the best caramel flavor I’ve ever tasted! I also tried Biskelia (with a biscuit-y flavor).

More about Sokolata on their website.

Are you a tea or chocolate fan?