Carrot cake at B Madame Kolonaki

Back in July my husband and I discovered a small patisserie/ice cream parlor in Kapnikareas street (off Ermou shopping street) called Balader. We loved getting ice cream from there a lot as we really liked the way that the ice cream was made. In September was informed that Balader would move in Kolonaki, but that move took longer than expected. After a lot of searching, we finally located it in Valaoritou street under a new name: B madame.

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The Place

Croissants and Cookies at B Madame Kolonaki B Madame Kolonaki

As we learned from co-owner Spiros Bakogiannis, the main reason behind the move was the space. B madame’s has an open kitchen concept where people can see where their (admittedly delicious) desserts are produced. Unlike Balader, which had only 3-4 tables, B madame has more seating places both inside and outside. The interior could be described as minimal luxury, where white meets gold. Same goes with the logo.

Energy bars at B Madame Kolonaki

On both of our visits to B Madame, we sat outside on Valaoritou street.The place is quieter than Kapnikareas street and you’re going to devour your dessert opposite the (temporary) Hermes boutique. Not bad at all.

The Food

Since we visited B madame in late November/ early December, we decided to try out their cakes this time round (and wait till spring to get the ice cream again). I fell in love with the carrot cake which was very nice and fluffy, while my husband went for the apple pie on both our visits.

Red Velvet cake at B Madame, Kolonaki

As you can see from the photos, B Madame offers a variety of desserts: layer cakes, cookies, croissants, choux, energy bars and many more. The photos were shot back in December so you can spot melomakarona in the photos. Melomakarona are traditional Christmas cookies made primarily with flour, olive oil and honey.

All desserts in B Madame have a “birth time” sign, so you know that they are fresh! Every time I visit there is always something new and I can’t wait to try something new next time!

Essential Information: B Madame is located on 12, Valaoritou street, Athens.

B Madame KolonakiHoney at B madame Kolonaki