10 places to visit in Greece

2016 was the first in many years that I didn’t travel abroad. Yet I made up for it, by traveling a lot in Greece both for work and leisure. Most of those trips where well documented on the blog and Instagram and here’s my yearly round-up! I hope that you’ll get inspired and add some of these cities and islands on your travel list for 2017.

1) Chania was the first city I visited in the 2016 spending a weekend there and then revisited in September for a wedding.

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view from Chozoviotissa monastery, Amorgos Greece

2) Amorgos: late in March I visited this island in the middle of the Aegean for work. The blue sea, the whitewashed villages, the landscape…all where beautiful! I definitely want to revisit the island on-season (but not high season) and explore more.

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3) Rethymno is one another Cretan city that I visited in 2016. I actually visited the city early in the year, in May and August! I shared a guide on the blog with my must-dos and of course my favorite restaurants in the city!

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4) Thessaloniki: Another work trip in Greece’s second largest city. I spent only 24 hours there, but enjoyed a long walk on the promenade. I’m also linking a guide to the city and of course restaurant/cafes suggestions!

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5) Kozani was my next stop right after Thessaloniki. Surprisingly enough it was the first time I visited the city, despite being close to my grandfather’s village. It’s a small city and can be explored in an afternoon. If you happen to pass by, do visit the central square and dine at Naoumidis restaurant.

6) Heraklion is a city I visited multiple times this year as my in-laws live in a village half an hour from the city. This time I spent just a day for work but managed to check out a new restaurant called Peskesi which I loved!

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Theater in Tripoli, Greece

7) Tripoli is a city located in the Peloponnese, in the beautiful region of Arcadia. I was pleasantly surprised by the city, which boasts a large central square/park, and beautiful buildings. Tripoli is in a prime location for trips in the surrounding area, like Vytina! If you plan on visiting may I suggest Hotel Anaktorikon.

8) Elafonisos: Late in August, my husband and I embarked on a road trip in the Peloponnese. Our first stop was the small and idyllic island of Elafonisos. We spent 3 days there relaxing, swimming in the sea and sun tanning a bit! We then spent a day exploring Mani peninsula before reaching the city of Kalamata.

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9) Kalamata is another city the surprised me pleasantly in 2016. It is a coastal city, but I was mostly impressed by its park (the old railway station) and the central square (vibrant and full of cafes and restaurant). We then proceeded to visit the villages of Koroni and Methoni.

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Ancient Olympia, Peloponnese, Greece

10) Ancient Olympia in the birthplace of the Olympic Games and the last stop of our road trip. It’s probably the most beautiful archeological site in Greece (to me at least) which worth a spot on your travel list.

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