Thessaloniki seaside promenade and hotel Macedonia

Last week I spent a day in Thessaloniki for work and although I didn’t have time to see much of the city and explore new places (*ahem* food related), I did take a long walk along the seaside promenade that I gushed about on my guide to Thessaloniki. Unlike October when the weather was cold and rainy, the weather was warm and partly sunny which made it ideal for an afternoon/sunset walk.

Andromeda hotel, Thessaloniki

The starting point was City Hotel near Aristotelous square, where my colleagues and I stayed for the night and walked up to Fokas’ garden (which is part of the New seaside promenade redesign), covering almost 6km (return walk included). Being a photography sucker I stopped every now and then to snap pictures of beautiful buildings (the one you see up there is Hotel Andromeda) and of course the promenade and the view towards the port. Of course I could not not snap a photo with the Umbrellas’ sculpture included. This sculpture, created by George Zoggolopoulos, has to be Thessaloniki’s most Instagrammable location, much like the Urban Light sculpture in LACMA, Los Angeles.

The walk ended with dinner in Aristotelous square (nothing to write home about so I’ll spare the details) and cocktails (it’s been a while) in a cafe/bar called Saxofono by the seaside promenade (one of the many along the way). I got a cocktail called Toblerone which was nice but expected more of a chocolate-y taste and my colleague got an Apple Martini.

If you plan on visiting Thessaloniki then I have a very handy guide which covers everything from sightseeing to nearby excursions and of course a separate foodie guide, because the options in this city are endless!

Have you visited Thessaloniki? If not, what are you waiting for?

Thessaloniki Port at dusk cocktails at Saxofono bar, Thessaloniki