Little Kook cafe, Athens

Little Kook is a quirky café in Athens that aims to transport you in a fairytale world. It opened its doors back in December and quickly created buzz thanks to its unique interiors (which changes periodically by the way). Such a place (especially as it serves desserts, hot chocolate and the lot) could not possibly fall off my radar, so I scheduled a visit a few weeks ago!

Little Kook is located in a quiet street in Psyrri neighborhood in downtown Athens. Two playing cards soldiers frame the facade of the building but the real surprise is a dragon sitting on top of the building; not a common sight for Athens! The interior is also peculiar, with a multi mattress bed hanging from the ceiling (from the fairy tale Princess and the pea) and a giant beanstalk ascending towards the ceiling (from the fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk). The waitresses are dressed with jewel colored dresses, white aprons and fascinators adding to the unique atmosphere of the place!

Little Kook cafe, Athens Little Kook cafe, Athens

Now let’s talk about food! Little Kook’s menu is full of sweet options: cakes, cupcakes, crepes, hot chocolate, tea and coffee sum up your options! My friends and I tried on two cakes: a chocolate and hazelnut praline one and a key lime one. Each cake has 3 tiers, but the slice size isn’t huge, so if you’re hungry, you can easily manage one portion by yourself! I didn’t find the cakes overly sweet, which is a good thing, but I was a tad disappointed as I like richer cakes. Next time I’m thinking of getting a crepe, because of course there will be a second time!

Essential Information: Little Kook is located in Karaiskaki 17, 10554 Athens. More information in their Facebook page.

Little Kook cafe, Athens

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