Achilles street artist in Athens

Growing up in the late 80s and the 90s I was accustomed to see lots of ugly graffiti in the streets and walls. This sort of graffiti still exists, but within the last 10-15 years talented street artists emerged in Athens.

Yiakou street artist in Athens

The first one I noticed was Yiakou, who at created ethereal and powerful female figures. Unfortunately some of my favorite creations were covered up by posters or painted and became store window displays. Last year I noticed his new creations: pinkish deer that sprung out of fairy tales (the photos featured in this post).You can find some of Yiakou’s creations in Ermou (in the corner with Kallipou street), Athinas, Kalamiotou and Evripidou streets.

Sonke street artist Athens Sonke street artist Athens

Another street artist I come across rather frequently is Sonke. His black and white long curly-haired girls can be found all over Athens. A breakup was the cause for Sonke to turn from a graffiti artist to a street artist! You can find some of his creations in Stadiou, Klepsydras and Thermopylon streets.

If you like bright colors then you’ll love Achilles creations. A handful of his creations can be found in Sarri Street and its perpendicular streets. One of them was even featured in The Guardian!  Check out Achilles Facebook page to see more of his creations (some haunting ones as well).

Alex Kataras street artist in Athens

Last but not least there is Alex Kataras and his hybrid animals’ creations. I’m ashamed to say that a few of his creations are very close to my home and I only discovered them this year! The vibrant orange creation can be found in Doxatou street Kerameikos, while the Boa Flamingoraffe can be found in Skouze street near Ag. Eirinis square. You can check out Alex’s creations on Behance.

Let me know is there a particular street artist that you like??