Christmas decorations in South End, Boston

As much as I love my hometown, Christmas decorations is not a field it excels at. Surely there are lights on the streets and festive arcades (not to mention a holiday bar), but let’s be honest, there are so many cities abroad that have better Christmas decorations than Athens!

And that’s exactly what I enjoyed last year while living in Boston: the Christmas decorations! On a previous post I’ve shared a lot of light decorations around the city, both public and private ones. The best light decoration and display was at Faneuil Hall, where Blink!, which is an hourly light and sound display, takes place.

This year, I’ve come back with daytime photos of beautiful Christmas wreaths adorning the doors (and sometimes windows) of private homes. My favorite neighborhoods to walk and admire this kind of decorations are Beacon Hill and South End.

What about you, have you visited Boston in Christmas? Which city that you’ve visited in Christmas has the best decorations?