While patiently waiting for fall to roll in for real (high temperature is still around 25 degrees Celcius) there are 5 fall styles I’m currently drawn to. I tend to avoid trends unless I totally adore them (like white less) and usually choose “classic” styles that are relevant in any year and season.

The fall styles I’m liking right now are: Breton stripes, ankle boots, statement necklaces (that’s a year round favorite), faux leather skirt and my trusty parka.

Breton Stripes

fall style: breton striped top

I always liked stripes more than any other pattern out there! The “classic” white and blue combination tops my list. Fun fact: did you know that the Breton stripe started off as French sailors uniform? It was Coco Chanel who introduced this particular stripe in the world of fashion!

Ankle Boots

fall style: black ankle boots

Ankle boots top my lists as fall/winter/early spring footwear. Winters in Athens don’t get that cold (I’m looking at you Boston) so that means I can wear ankle boots all (winter) season long. I have a few pairs with various heels. Those pictured where bought from DSW in Boston and are the most comfortable ones I own!

Statement Necklace

fall style: statement necklace

Whether it is store-bought (the pictured one is from Accessorize) or DIYed, a statement necklace can elevate any outfit!

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Faux Leather Skirt

fall style: faux leather skirt

I didn’t know I “needed” a faux leather skirt until I got this one two years ago. Since then it proved to be my go to skirt for fall and spring.


fall style: parka

Last but not least, this parka from Zara has been a constant travel companion for the last 2 years. It’s biggest asset is the removable faux fur layer (not pictured), which makes it very versatile in changing weather conditions!

Your turn: what styles are you currently loving?