the essential guide to Lefkada

In case you were wondering, yes all these Greek Island guides serve one and only purpose: to make you visit Greece! Today’s post is yet another island with gorgeous beaches. Only this time we’re moving west to the Ionian Sea. Ladies and gentlemen I present you Lefkada!

What to see and do

The beaches are Lefkada’s biggest assets no questions asked! I will elaborate on those further one. Vasiliki and Nydri are two seaside villages with marinas, restaurants and hotels. Karya is a traditional village up in the mountain where you are going to find delicious food and local embroidery.

For nature lovers there is also a waterfall near Nydri (which is going to be full of water in spring). Walking along Lefkada town’s pedestrian streets and along the promenade at night is highly recommended!

Other things you can do is taking a cruise to from Nydri and/or Vasiliki towards Lefkadas beaches, Meganissi, Ithaki, Kefalonia and Skoprios islands (the latter belonged to Aristotle Onasis and nowadays to a Russian businessman)

Beaches you shouldn’t miss

Egremni beach, Lefkada

Porto Katsiki and Egremni are the stars here! The first one is an iconic beach down by a cliff (which means space is limited especially in August). The latter also requires you to walk down many steps but you are rewarded with a long beach and turquoise sea!

Update November 2015: Due to an earthquake that took place on November 17th 2015 the Egremni beach is inaccessible to the public and pretty much destroyed. Porto Katsiki suffered a lot of rock falls as well. Time and nature will definitely shape those beaches again.

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Kathisma beach, Lefkada
Kathisma and Agios Nikitas towards the north are beautiful too and more accessible (no cliffs here). Near Agios Nikitas there is also a beach called Milos which is either accessible by boat from Agios Nikitas (recommended) or via a narrow path starting from the village which can be quite tiring. Agios Ioannis on the north tip is usually windy and ideal for windsurf and kitesurf.

If you check the map, you will notice that all the beaches that I suggest are on the west side of the island. That doesn’t mean that the east part doesn’t have beaches. It does. But they are not that spectacular. They’re family friendly also!

Egremni beach, Lefkada

Pro tip (from a local): if you’re visiting during high season go to the beach early (especially in Porto Katsiki, Egremni, Kathisma). That way you’re going to find parking and maybe a sun lounge.

When to visit

Nydri, Lefkada

I’ve visited Lefkada twice: once in May and once in August. In May Lefkada was magical: empty beaches, crystal clear water, the nature was in full bloom. But I couldn’t take advantage of these beaches. In August I could of course take advantage of the beaches, but they were packed! My best bet (as with all islands) would be June and September!

Where to eat

In the city center I totally love Thymari (meaning thyme). It is a Greek cuisine with a twist restaurant which I recommend to everyone who visits the island. You can check out Sandy’s review on the restaurant for more information. If you’re a pizza fan, I recommend Festino, a pizzeria near the new marina.

Remember that mountain village Karya I mentioned above? If you happen to pass by, do have lunch or dinner on the main square. You won’t be disappointed!

How to get there

tranquility in Vasiliki, Lefkada

Lefkada is actually an island that you can access by car, no ferry needed. It is so close to the mainland that a small bridge is the only thing needed! The island is connected by ferries with Kefalonia and Ithaki. There is also Aktio airport nearby providing flights to Athens.

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Have you visited Lefkada? What did you like the most?

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