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Today I want to introduce you to my favorite neighborhood in New York City: Greenwich Village. As per Wikipedia “Greenwich Village has been known as an artists’ haven, the Bohemian capital, the cradle of the modern LGBT movement, and the East Coast birthplace of both the Beat and ’60s counterculture movements.” Needless to say that I didn’t know any of these when I visited Greenwich Village 5 years ago, but it stole my heart!

Greenwich Village has lots to explore: shopping streets, interesting architecture, Universities and Sex and the City spots! Need I say more? Today I’m taking you on a little tour in the Village starting off from the Meatpacking District, which of course I first heard about on Sex and the City. If you were/are a fan, you might remember that Samantha bought a house there. That happened in the early 00s when the area was starting to develop from meatpacking to an “it” destination for shopping, dining and going out!

Meatpacking District is now the home of the Whitney Museum. The new building is located on Gansevoort Street right next to the Highline entrance, which is very convenient I should add. You see, unless you’re living under a rock, The Highline is quite trendy lately. The Highline is a defunct elevated railway track used for freight trains until the ‘80s. In 1999 the Highline was threatened with demolition, but neighborhood residents formed “Friends of the Highline” and proposed the preservation and reuse of the structure. Ten years later, first part of the Highline was open to the public! You can choose to walk either from the Meatpacking district up to 34th street or the other way around. I usually do the latter and walk north to south!

Another gem that I discovered in the area next to A Brit and a Southerner is Gansevoort Market. It started off as a farmer’s market in the late 19th century and re-opened as a multi vendors market last year. Here you’re going to find everything from pizza to tacos and even Greek yoghurt (the real deal)! I’ve visited twice and both times ended up having a pizza slice from Luzzo!

Heading south on Hudson Street we’re going to meet Bleeker, which is my favorite shopping street in NYC! Ideally I walk from the W11th Street until I reach 6th avenue and then I head to SoHo, which is another favorite neighborhood of mine. So what’s so special about this street you might ask? Well, the stores for starters. Marc Jacobs is clearly a fan as he has 4 stores within 2 blocks (women, men, beauty, and books). I visited half of them! Then there’s Nars and Maje and Sandro… There is Fresh whose beauty products I absolutely adore (and the do feel fresh) and many other “niche” brands.

After all this window shopping and store hopping, at some point we reach 6th Avenue. From there we are going to make our way towards Washington Square Park, which is right in the center of New York University (NYU). If you’re visiting during springtime, you are going to come across magnolia blossoms around the square. On a warm day, you’ll probably see people sunbathing and dogs getting some playtime in the designated areas!

From there walk north on 5th avenue and marvel at the architecture on the perpendicular streets on your left and most notably W10th street which according to Walking Off the Big Apple (the best blog if you want to walk around NYC).

On the crossroad of 5th Avenue and 13th street, you’re going to find The New School which I stumbled upon by accident, while on a cab drive back to my hotel. For starters I was excited as it was a modern building worth shooting. A Google search informed me that The New School has seven colleges. One of those colleges is Parsons, where Tom Ford studied interior architecture. Now…those who know me know that I am a big Tom Ford fan…so you know…I had to snap pictures of the buildings!

So here ends my walk around Greenwich Village! From here on you can walk towards Union square to grab a bite, or if you are not that exhausted, you can head to NoHo and more specifically to Il Buco in Bond Street, which is a fine Italian restaurant! Hope you enjoyed the walk and do check out the map I made!

Have you been to Greenwich Village in NYC? Which are your favorite places in NYC?

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