Katia Delatola wedding dress

I belong to the kind of people who want to get the most out of (all) their clothes.  When I go shopping I always calculate (mentally) in how many ways I can wear a specific item. The more, the better! It was only natural that I could think the same when I chose my wedding dress. I know, it’s one in a lifetime experience and a wedding dress can’t be usually worn again (unless you up-cycle it) and that’s exactly why I chose this particular wedding dress: it is convertible (though I didn’t know that tiny detail when I set my eyes on it) and can be worn in 3 different ways…needless to say, I was sold!

So for the practical brides out there who share the same pet peeves with me (I’m sure there must be others too), here’s a couple of (totally) practical questions to ask yourself when choosing a wedding dress.

1) Is it within my budget? How high (or low) you set that budget is up to you. Don’t get me wrong, I love beautiful dresses, but forking out 4.000€ for a wedding dress wasn’t something that I wanted to do (despite the fact that in Greece the groom’s family pays for the dress 😉 ).

2) Can I move in it? People, who know me, know that I like to dance…a lot. I tend to jump up and down.  If you like to dance too (and don’t plan on buying a second dress for the reception) you’re looking for a dress that won’t weigh you down and won’t be very tight, so that you can move freely!

Katia Delatola wedding dress

3) Can I wear it again? Now that is a rare question a bride will do when choosing a wedding dress. But Keira Knightley did it (she actually wore her dress 3 times) so why can’t you? This is a question suitable for brides that are not looking for a ball gown (but then again I found this post on Style Me Pretty with a convertible ball gown)

So, yes I chose my wedding dress because it ticked all those boxes and especially number 3! My dress is by Greek designer Katia Delatola, who I visited having different style in mind until I saw this particular one (that I ended up getting) and fell in love with the lace.

My convertible dress:

The bottom part of the dress (the flare) is removable. You have then the option either to wear this “skirt” on top of the dress and make it a mini a-line dress (I wore it that while dancing and it looked gorgeous) or to remove it completely and you get a nice white lacy mini dress (I wore it like that after hours of dancing and on a post-wedding dinner).

Now, let me see…when I can wear it again? 😉

So tell me, if you’re married or about to be married, what questions did you ask yourself when choosing your wedding dress?

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P.P.S Photos by Hanna Monika Wedding Photography on our “day after shoot” (that’s why I sport a different hairstyle)!

Katia Delatola wedding dress

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