6 tips for beautiful wedding decorations

Today let’s talk flowers!! No, I’m not referring to Valentine’s Day flowers (where 90% of the cases have to do with red roses), but rather to wedding flowers and decorations! Beautiful decorations can add a lot to the ceremony and reception area, and – let’s be honest – beautiful flowers make people happy! The process of creating those decorations (I’m not talking DIY here, but rather collaborating with a florist) is a task not to be taken lightly, especially when the florist (and wedding venue) is not in the same city as you are, and therefore you have to communicate via email, phone etc! Here’s my two cents on how to create beautiful, unique and Pinterest worthy flower decorations (because that’s what every bride wants, isn’t it?)

1) Find a really good Florist. You need a florist who will understand your inspiration, take your desired color theme into account, propose the right flowers and, in the end, put his/her own twist to the decorations. I had a bumpy start with my florist, but my photographer assured me that he makes the best centerpieces in town, and eventually I loved his work; the outcome was gorgeous.

2) Choose Flowers that are in season/available in your country. By doing so, you will lower the cost, since out-of-season flowers have to be imported and might look a little shabby. You cannot really tell from these photos, yet the (imported) roses in my bridal bouquet where not in tip top shape.

Church Decorations, Saint Titus church Herakleion, Crete


3) Make sure your chosen flowers match the color theme. Number 3 goes hand in hand with number 2. My color theme consisted of mint green, light pink, cantaloupe (a peach orange hue), coral and mocha (I found it on 100 Layer Cake). My florist sent me a whole list with flowers that would match my theme and I gave feedback on which I liked and which not. I also asked an agriculturist friend for help. The only bummer was that I wanted dahlias in either light pink or cantaloupe, but no local farmer had dahlias in those colors…they only cultivated white ones (white is a commonly used color in Greek wedding decorations FYI), so I had to make do without them!

4) Opt out from unnecessary decorations.  When I first met my florist and made suggestions, he proposed making an aisle outside the church with a linen runner and flowers/candles on each side; I bluntly said no! I also decided not having any small decorations like ribbons/flowers on the seats inside the church. The flower garland placed on the car was pretty simple (yet elegant) too. Making small adjustments and opting out from unnecessary decorations can maximize the budget for the those parts you care most.

Floral decorations at The Garden of Senses, Herakleion, Crete


5) Know what you want, but be open to suggestions. In my case, I relied heavily on the florist about how the centerpieces would look like; well ok, he made a demo first, which I approved. I gave him a loose inspiration on how I wanted the decoration on the bridal table to look like (based on this pin), but the different vases and groupings of flowers were his idea. As far as the church decoration goes, that was all me…the faux trees (found in another Greek florists website) and the garland around the candles (inspired by this decoration).

Floral decorations at The Garden of Senses, Herakleion, Crete

6) Use Candles on an evening wedding. Weddings in Greece take place late in the afternoon, so by the time you get to the reception venue it’s dark; in order to give some light to those centerpieces get some candles placed around them. Just bear in mind that the more candles, the higher the cost! Personally, besides the candles, I also said yes to my florist’s idea on hanging small lanterns on a tree…I love lanterns and candles so I just couldn’t pass!

In the end, if you choose a florist that you trust and communicate well with, you don’t have to stress too much about the outcome, because you already have a million other things in your mind, right? Still, do bear in mind that pretty centerpieces cost, so budget accordingly and make compromises where necessary!

Cheers to beautiful wedding decorations!

Credits: Floral decorations by Yucca flower creations, photography by Hanna Monika Wedding Photography.

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