my bridal look

“On my wedding day I want to wear a flower crown” was a phrase that I repeated over and over again to my then-future husband and my friends, when discussing about our wedding. I wanted to be a bohemian bride; or so I thought.

When I started looking for a wedding dress, I did try on a couple of bohemian wedding dresses that would be beautiful with loose hair and a flower crown; they didn’t look good on me, however, and of course didn’t end up buying any of them. Damn! That meant I had to let go the flower crown… which  brings me to tip number one about bridal hair and makeup:

1) Choose the dress first and then decide on hair and makeup. My decision on the particular hair style was a mix and match of Pinterest, The Blonde Salad and my own spin. The inspiration: my wedding dress. Its clear lines and intricate lace didn’t match with a flower crown. So, I envisioned a side part after seeing this hairstyle, and then decided to add a French braid to the mix (because why not) and voila!

having my hair done

2) Don’t rely only on Pinterest for inspiration. In the end you might decide upon a style that you saw in a magazine or a blog or even a girl on the street! As I said above, inspiration can come from anywhere….also don’t restrict yourself to the term “bridal hair” or “bridal make up”.

3) Know your colors. My make up came from Pins that I already had in my “stash”. I chose brown/bronze eye-shadows as (a) a make up artist once told me that they were ideal for my eye color (green) and (b) I had a makeover at MAC a few years back and the make up artist had used brown eye shadow. From then on, I tend to pin brown/bronze smokey looks!

applying eyeshadow

4) Stay true to your style. For my wedding I could have done ANYTHING: an up-do, a red lip and cat eye, wear extensions or even said flower crown. In the end I decided to be just a “better version” of me with the help of a professional hair stylist/make up artist. I didn’t want to look back at those wedding photos a few years down the line and wonder “who’s that girl”?

getting ready

5) Research hair extension options. That is not something I personally used (because I didn’t see the point) but it’s something to look at if you want long and/or fuller hair.

6) Do more than one trial. When I did my first trial I absolutely loved my hairstyle, but the makeup? not so much. The foundation was too dark, the blush muted and the lipstick too magenta! So what did I do? I had another trial a few months before the wedding, and asked for a lighter foundation, a more vibrant blush (I think I even brought mine along) and a more pinkish lipstick. It worked!

soft curls

7) Ask your hairstylist / makeup artist for tips. I have fine hair so they don’t hold a curl for long. I asked my hair stylist what I could do beforehand and he told me to wash my hair the night before and skip conditioner as it would make my hair heavy.

A big thank you for my wedding look goes to Michalis Tsotras, who was really helpful and kind enough to do 2 trials and take my suggestions into consideration! Photography via Hanna Monika Wedding Photography (Hanna was kind enough to refer Michalis to me).

P.S. My wedding dress is from Katia Delatola and the kimono I was wearing while getting ready by Nidodileda.

P.P.S If you’re planning your wedding, you can check the 8 lessons I learned while planning mine!

makeup brushes