T Tahari down jacket, Accessorize beanie

So, this is pretty much my cold weather style, rain or shine!

Yesterday we got (yet) another snow storm, slightly milder than Juno, but strong nonetheless. I think it’s called Linus (the storm).

Anyways, I decided to take some photos, not for the outfit’s sake, but for posterity…You see it’s been the first time in my life that I’ve seen so.much.snow! I grew up in a coastal suburb of Athens, where snow is rare and it doesn’t get more than 10cm maybe? So yes, I’m pretty excited with seeing snow (even though I understand and see the consequences of such an accumulation)!

snow angel

I put my “winter uniform” on and took my husband for a small walk (just round the corner) for some photos! The uniform consists of a T Tahari down jacket, my trusty Accessorize cat beanie, jeans (these are Diesel) and Cougar boots! As for my winter-proof beauty routine, it can be found here.