A quick guide to Brighton, England UK

Today’s post is a “break” from the previous food related ones! It’s also a break from featuring places and cities in North America (can’t help it since I’m stationed in Boston). It is about a city that although I’ve visited only once, is a favorite of mine! Read on to see my favorite spots and must-dos in Brighton!

Visiting Brighton was on my list for a long time! Every time I visited my friends in London and proposed a trip to Brighton they said that they’ve been there and weren’t impressed! I mean how that was even possible?!? Why so much fuss about Brighton you might ask. Well if you are a Jane Austen fan like myself and more specifically a Pride and Prejudice one, you’ve probably read about Brighton being a popular resort at the time. That’s why I had to visit! And about 5 years ago that dream of mine came true; I went to Brighton!

Brighton Pavilion, England, UK

Needless to say that I fell in love with Brighton, especially as I was lucky and the day was sunny (a big plus for any UK city/village/field etc). My first stop was the Pavilion which I knew about from an old wall calendar that my dad had brought home many years ago. Its architecture is peculiar and unique for a royal building and the inside didn’t disappoint at all. The pavilion was built for the Prince Regent, later King George IV, in stages between the years 1787 and 1823. Unfortunately, photos were not allowed inside (at least when I visited) so you’ll have to refer to this link for some photos. I admit that the Banqueting and the Music Room where my favorite ones. The Music Room has a roof (inside) made of gold parts. During a storm (if I remember well) the roof collapsed and it had to be restored. I can only guess how difficult that was to restore it.

After the Pavilion I hit the promenade by the sea. What a lovely place to walk! The Pier is a must visit as well. It’s full of games and it gives off a vintage feeling! When I had enough of the not so gentle sea breeze I ventured in the cobblestone streets of Brighton and there I made my biggest “discovery” to date: Choccywoccydoodah! It’s an amazing place full of chocolate creations. After ogling at those chocolate cakes/pieces of art I settled for a Chocolate popcorn lolly (yum)! I’m a fan of them since then and was so happy that they now have also a store in London, where I popped in for a bit last year!

Brighton Pier, England, UK Brighton beach, England UK