Cold Weather Essentials

It looks like during the last week both here in Boston as well as back home in Greece, the weather was pretty cold. Well, here it was colder (reaching -18 Celcius at some point) so I believe that my cold weather essentials will come handy in both sides of the Atlantic! Here’s what you need to keep you warm and hydrated (talking skin here) during the winter:

1) A warm down feather jacket. Knee length preferably. The one I’ve got is from T Tahari and I admit that it keeps me really warm!

2) Warm, waterproof and non sliding boots. I wanted “stylish” ones so I got all leather Cougar ones from DSW. They are very warm and I don’t need 2 pairs of tights (one woolen) as I needed in the past with my “normal” boots.

3) A beanie. I have a funky one from Accessorize as you see in the photo. It has some mohair in it (I think, as I cut the label), so it is a bit itchy. I washed it and it is a bit better know and doesn’t itch that much. I like it as it keeps my head and ears warm and it has cat ears as well!!

4) Argan Oil. I’m so happy I got this little Josie Maran bottle from Sephora back in September. I got travel size as I wanted to try it out and I’ve used up more than half of the content. Lately I apply it at night after toner. If I do that early and my skin soaks it up, I wear moisturizer on top as well.

Anna in NYC

5) Lip balm. My lips suffer for sure! Right now I use Baby Lips by Maybelline and when I run out of it (I’m pretty close) I have Caudalie’s one lined up!

6) Hand Cream. My hands always suffer during winter. So I need 2 things: hand cream (doesn’t have to be extra thick) and gloves.

7) A moisturizing mask. For the past year I’ve been using The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask, whenever my skin needs some extra hydration. Now in the winter I use it once a week or once every 10 days.

8) Wool tights. They are a lifesaver! I bought my first pair more than 10 years ago and I’ve used it whenever it was really cold (that would be below 10 degrees Celcius, but I’m more tolerant now). The brand I swear by is Falke!

And that’s my friends how I (will) get through winter!! I do want to see some more snow though! It’s a lifetime opportunity!

P.S.  (and update) Winter Uniform

What about you? Which are your cold weather essentials?