Juliette et Chocolat, Montreal

When I travel abroad I like to discover noteworthy restaurants or cafes that I can then recommend to other travelers and/or revisit in my own future travels! Juliette et Chocolat in Montreal falls in that category! I had my first “experience” there 5 years ago, because I HAD to visit a place that has the word “chocolate” in its title. I shared chocolate fondue with my brother and it didn’t disappoint!

So on my latest trip to Montreal, Juliette was on the menu once more! This time I went for a drinking chocolate and boy it was hard to choose! The menu is filled with chocolates coming from all over the world and categorized in Origin Chocolates (from specific countries), Vintages (from specific plantations) and Great Vintages (with unique flavors). There is Grandma style chocolate which is very thick and you kind of eat it with a spoon, there are milk chocolates and then there are milkshakes, smoothies and chocolate combined with alcohol! I tell you it’s a hard call! I eventually went with a milk vintage chocolate from Madagascar with a hint of caramel! It was truly delicious! Now if you want to counterbalance the sugar influx, Juliette et Chocolat also feature savory dishes. If you want more sweetness in your life, they also have various desserts!

Juliette et Chocolat has five stores around Montreal. The photos are from the St. Laurent branch, but if I had to recommend a specific store that would be the one in St. Denis street (Berri-UQAM is the nearest metro station) because it’s far more cozy (and my friends told me that it’s the original one!!

hot milk chocolate in Juliette et Chocolat, MontrealJuliette et Chocolat, Montreal Juliette et Chocolat, Montreal