what to wear when going shopping

Now that Christmas is around the corner it is a favorite past-time of mine (*cough, cough*) to go shopping for gifts or myself! If I were in Athens I’d definitely organize a shopping trip with my best friend either to Glyfada, or one of the Malls (I looove Golden Hall by the way). But I’m in Boston and my best bets are Cambridgeside Galleria and Newbury street!

When I combine shopping with strolling and lunching I rarely think of what I will wear. Over the years though I’ve become more conscious about what to wear when going shopping, because a) I want to see how clothes really fit and get along with my existing wardrobe and b) I can’t stand having to get multiple layers off me in order to try a dress for example. One of my most memorable (and disasterous) shopping trips happened when I hit the stores right after the gym with sweatpants and all!  I ended up buying nothing, because I couldn’t figure out how these tops I was trying on would look like with normal clothes (and normal bra). This “experience”  and many others prompted me to combine a list with what to wear and what not to wear when going shopping!

1) Don’t wear sweatpants unless you want to buy clothes that you’ll wear with those sweatpants. If you try a nice top, or a fancy pair of heels, you will never get the idea how they will look like with jeans or a skirt. For example, if you are usually wearing jeans and you’re on the look out for an appropriate top, wear those jeans!

2) Do wear a bra you normally wear, not a sport’s bra. Wearing a nude bra and panties is always a best bet (and a model strategy as well). If you’re shopping for a going out dress, you better wear a strapless bra!

3) Avoid wearing lots of layers. I find it very frustrating when I have to remove my jacket, my cardigan, my top… The less, the better 😉

4) If you want to buy a pair of shoes (or a top), to combine with a particular skirt (or trousers, etc), then DO take that skirt with you (or even better wear it). I have this issue when I want to color co-ordinate clothes.  I have done this twice in the past when I wanted to find a dress that would match a particular pair of shoes, so what I did was to tag the shoes along in a bag and try them on with various dresses until I found the one!

5) Avoid wearing a dress when shopping for separates. Another shopping mishap for me. Picture me in a dressing room trying on this peplum top , and having my dress as a skirt! I ultimately asked for a random pair of shorts, to see how the hell this top truly looks like!!!

6) Avoid wearing make up, because you’re going to leave a good portion of it on the dresses or tops you might try on! I’ve seen foundation on a tops in many occasions and I just find it unappealing!

7) It’s also advisable not to hit the stores post-workout. It’s nice to have a shower first!

8) Wear comfortable shoes that you can easily take off and slip back on. I know this is difficult in wintertime, when we usually wear boots. In this case choose a pair that slips rather than has a zipper (if you do own such a pair of course).

What are your tips? What do you wear and what do you avoid wearing when going shopping?

 Photo Credit: Death to the Stock Photo