Harvard University Gate

Harvard Square in Cambridge was one of the first places I visited since arriving in Boston. I wanted to see that world famous university which stands here from the 17th century. Now the founders of the university won’t be happy when they find out that I was disappointed. You see, I kind of expected to see Gothic architecture, like Cambridge (UK) has. Well, Harvard hasn’t any Gothic architecture bar from the Memorial Hall, which has some Gothic elements. Needless to say, it’s my favorite building in the area!!!

Ok, joking aside, I really enjoy walking through Harvard Yard. It is lovely in the Fall and always so tranquil, even if its full of people. Did I also mention that it is tobacco free? Oh yes! When I saw the banners I though only of one thing: “this could never happen in Greece”. It is disappointing that Greeks are resistant to that kind of change.

Now behind Harvard Yard you’ll find the newly renovated Harvard Art Museumswhich worth a visit if you’re into architecture as well! You see the designer behind the new design is renowned architect Renzo Piano.

On Harvard Square you’ll also find Black Ink, which is a really cute novelty store, which can also be found in Beacon Hill. Moving on to Brattle street you’ll come across some interesting stores like Anthropologie and Aesop (for those in the know). If you’re looking for a brunch spot Alden&Harlow is a nice place and I’d also like to visit Toscano restaurant as well!!

IMG_4275 Memorial HallIMG_3844

Notice board in Harvard Yard, Chess IMG_4372 Harvard YardIMG_3872 harvard_3 IMG_3847 harvard_2

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