5 Things to do in Soutwark, London

Southwark is one of Inner London‘s Boroughs, located opposite the City. Southwark’s Thames Bank is one of my favorite (if not the best) walking places in the city! This borough is also home to The Shakespeare’s Globe, Tate Modern, Design Museum, and Borough Market. It’s also the are where the Shard is located as well as London’s City Hall. If you’ve been in London I’m pretty sure you’ve walked around this area. If not here’s some fun things you can do around Southwark:

1) Visit the Borough Market. And make sure you’re hungry!! I don’t have a single photo from the market (bar a squirrel up some fence), so Rosie’s post will give you the gist!

2) Take your lunch from the said market above and eat by the small square behind Southwark Cathedral near the Thames. If you’ve seen the movie Match Point by Woody Allen you’ll probably recognize this place (hint: end scene). I didn’t like the movie, but I like this place!

3) Walk by the Thames and watch the London Tower and the Tower Bridge. I’m pretty sure you’ll snap some pictures too!

4) Cross the Tower Bridge and admire Southwark’s business district. There’s the Shard, London’s City Hall and many office buildings.

5) Visit Tate Modern! I’ve been there 3 times and I never get bored! There’s always some cool special exhibition going on!

Have you visited Southwark? Which is your favorite area in London?

London's South Bank, Southwark Glass Building in London

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