landscape in France

I took my first road trip when I was just 8 months old. It was from Athens to my grandfather’s village Vlasti in Western Macedonia (NW Greece). Every year we would road trip around Greece for vacations and when my brother and I were old enough, we took several road trips in Europe. Our starting point was usually Luxembourg were we have relatives. From there we traveled to France, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, The Netherland, Belgium. That’s how I came to appreciate road trips and loved staring out the window at the changing landscapes: mountains, lakes, endless field. As an adult I enjoy road trips, both as a driver and as a passenger. Road trips make me dream (not sleep) and also give me the opportunity to see more of what a country has to offer.

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A cross European road trip, preferably from Athens to London is on my bucket list. And a cross US one, but that’s another story! I managed though in 2012 to take a rather express road trip from Athens to Brussels with a cousin of mine who studied there as an exchange student. The photos on this post are from that trip. They were taken somewhere in France as we were passing by. And no, we didn’t stopped for pictures! I took those while my cousin was driving! I’m pretty impressed that they came out really good!

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Do you like road trips? Which would be your dream one?

landscape in France landscape in France


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