style tips I'd give my younger self

November 11 is the day that the armistice between the Allies and Germany went into effect in 1918. It’s also the day that Demi Moore and Leonardo Di Caprio were born. Oh and me!! So that you know that today is a special day!

I haven’t done a birthday post for like 2 years so I thought I make up with a fun post (the idea came from this prompt) and share with you the style and beauty tips that  I’d give my younger (teen) self!

1) Less is More. That’s the best style lesson ever. Keep that in mind. Especially when eye shadow is involved (thank God for the nude eyeshadow trend).

2) Shop alone. Yes I know shopping trips with friends are fun, but trust me it’s better when shopping alone. You can judge better what suits you and what you need.

3) Walking down the stairs with high heels? Hold the damn handrail. If you don’t, chances are you’ll definitely fall flat on your face. At least you’ll learn what to do when someone faints…

4) (Hair) Bangs are not for everyone. Unless your name is Alexa Chung, or Karlie Kloss.

5) Shaping your eyebrows definitely has an impact.

6) Layered hairstyle is the best! Especially for wavy hair like mine.

7) Red hair: never again! After each touch up it won’t be as nice as the first time and you’ll end up with carrot hair in the summer!

8) Capri pants should only be worn with high heels. Midi skirts too. (At least for people at my height – 160cm for the record)

9) Avoid smokey eye unless you want to look like a panda. In the future (now) smokey eye would refer to a totally different and manageable style though!

10) Vintage clothes are a must! But I guess back in the late 90s anything associated with the 8os was a no go!

I’m curious! What style tips (*cough, cough* crafted from personal experience) would you give your younger self!