5 ways to wear grey jeans

A few years ago I didn’t even own a pair of grey jeans, relying only my trusty blue ones and the occasional black pair! But as I rummages the sales stand in Zara one day I found a pair of skinny jeans in my size, realized that I look good in them and got them! Since then I styled them in various ways and on various occasions and I can tell you one thing: it’s like wearing a pair of blue jeans! They can be styled with almost every color!

Which Colors Look Best With Grey

Yellow and grey is a winning combination in my books and I know I’m not the only one! Baby pink and grey on the other hand is a more “romantic” combination, as this pin also illustrates. Personally I’ve styled my jeans with my neon yellow cardigan numerous times, but it was this year that I started to combine it with my pale pink t-shirt (heck that was even my latest travelling outfit)!

Yellow and pink do bring the best out of grey, but is can also be paired with blue, black, cream and even taupe (depends on the hue) tops.

Another day, another top!

In terms tops grey jeans can be paired with t-shirts, button downs, bohemian blouses and sweaters. It depends on the season and the mood! You can dress them up with a sparkly top, or down with a casual sweater! I usually err on the casual side!

And what about shoes?

Skinny jeans look really great with heels: it’s a pairing I love to make! They also go along pretty well with ballerinas too! Especially if those said ballerinas inject a pop of color in the outfit! And last for colder months ankle boots are a must!

Tell me do you own grey jeans? If so, how do you style them?

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