What to Wear when Traveling

The stylish traveler: an elusive concept or an attainable reality?

It’s all up to you really and the effort you are going to put in creating your ideal travel look! I’m just here to help and give you helpful tips drawing from my personal traveling experience and not to mention my latest transatlantic trip.

 1) Do it like a Celebrity

If it sounds confusing, I’m talking about layering. T-shirt, cardigan, jacket and (the ubiquitous) scarf are your best friends. That way you neither going to freeze, not feel extremely hot. Nicole here  provides us with a nice example, though I’d add a cardigan in the mix too.

2) Wear comfortable shoes

A pair of sneakers or ballerina flats should be your best bet. Avoid wearing knee high boots, it’s tried and tested (because I wanted space in my suitcase) and wasn’t comfortable at all (I ended up unzipping my boots on board). I’ve also seen people in flip flops and always wonder whether their feet don’t get cold!

3) Ditch the bling

I never wear jewelry when travelling, save for a silver cross that I wear for good luck (don’t ask me, it’s the only “superstition” I have). It would be annoying to have to remove bracelets and necklaces for the security check and not to mention that they would annoy me when I try to sleep.

what to wear when traveling

4) Choose your carry on wisely

If you’re not getting a trolley as a carry on, then the bag you will be carrying must fit all your travel necessities and then some more (book, notepad, maybe a tablet). For years I used a cute duffel Hello Kitty bag that could hold all that I needed and the some more (shopping *wink, wink*)! During my last trip though I did have a trolley (this one by Delsey), so my bag of choice was my Folli Follie K Vintage handbag.

5) Dress for the country you’re visiting, not the one you’re leaving behind

If your destination is colder than your country of origin, then by all means pile on those layers! Also keep a wool scarf in hand if it’s winter!

So tell me, which is your go-to travel attire? Laid back? Stylish? Don’t-even-care? Do share in the comments!

P.S. The photo above belongs to an editorial shot by Raymond Meier at Heathrow Terminal 5 and Charlotte Pilcher being the Fashion Editor for the shoot. The photo above was taken by me from Vogue Hellas who had reprinted the editorial.