Downtown Boston

I’m almost two weeks here in Boston and so far I’ve managed to a) familiarize myself with the immediate surroundings (Sommerville), b)shopping for the home (mainly online at Target, which has literally everything) and stocking up on beauty products that (of course) I didn’t carry with me c) exploring Boston one step and the time (and a bit of Cambridge to) and d) drive a van to IKEA to make this house a home!


1) Unlike many cities that I’ve visited either in Europe or in the US, Boston has hills, both downtown and in the suburbs (at least where I live). So a distance that seems short, might actually be more challenging because of the hills.

2) Everything (downtown) is in walking distance. Seriously one day I walked from the North End to Newbury street all in one day, zig-zagging as I went along. A comfy pair of shoes is all you need and you’re ready to go!

3) The sunsets are amazing! Surely I can’t take a picture every day, but they’re really beautiful. (Not sure that that happens all year long or it’s a coincidence).

4) There are Dunkin Donuts everywhere! Surely I’ve seen Dunkin Donuts before. They even opened a store in Glyfada (suburb of Athens) about 17 years ago. Not sure how long it lasted.


5) Yes, there are places that you’d swear you were in the UK. But similarities end only in the architecture. The British didn’t use that much red brick in their buildings.

6) There are flowers everywhere! On the entrance stairs, on balconies, on flower boxes…everywhere. Also in the small gardens, sometimes there are decorative details, like that owl I shot.

7) Downtown there is a mixture of architecture, where old meets new and of course that intrigues me!!

8) Harvard Yard is a smoke free area. Now if only some folks back in Greece would experience such tobacco ban in Universities (which are all but tobacco free)…

9) There are people riding motorcycles and make noise. No, that’s not a novelty for me, but that something I have not encountered in Europe except for Greece.

 As the time goes by, I’ll explore more, visit some museum, dine, have lunch and cafe and report back! Now that I’ve said cafe; I was very pleased to find out that there is a Caffe Nero in Boston (my favorite in the UK) and there is a PAUL opening up soon! I’m made!!


P.S. I’ve included photos from the places I’ve seen so far and I liked the most! I’m ending this post with a video my husband shot while we were returning from IKEA the other day (I was driving)

IMG_3825 IMG_3878 IMG_3928