Galini Tavern, Plakias Crete

I maybe far away from Greece, but there are still some posts and photos from the past that I’m going to share here on the blog like this basic but wonderful tavern I visited while vacationing in Crete.  It might not be trendy and stylish as the places I usually feature in my blogs, but it has really great food! Ideal after spending the morning (or afternoon) on the beach!

Galini Tavern is located in a small and picturesque bay called Souda, near to Plakias village/beach in southern Crete (not to be confused with Souda near Chania, also in Crete). Galini translates to tranquility, sereneness and I think it describes perfectly the feeling you have when watching the sea (on a non windy day, just to be clear).

Here you’ll find traditional Cretan and Greek dishes, meat and fishes dishes alike. Though I failed to shoot the main dishes I took photos for your viewing pleasure the salad and the (super yummy) fried cheese balls that we ordered. Also, when in Crete I usually try out local soft drinks: I went for an orangeade while my husband got a soft drink based on carob (which is produced and is very popular in Crete).

P.S. I’ve included a panoramic photo of Souda beach in Plakias, where the tavern is located.

Souda beach, Plakias, Crete