Bicycle and planter in Amsterdam

In 2000 I visited Berlin for the first time. Our visit happened to coincide with the popular back then Love Parade. My parents weren’t that excited about the happy ravers that we would encounter during our stroll in the city. Yet my brother and I were delighted that we would get a glimpse of the parade. To that day I wish I had bought a t-shirt to remind me of that day…it would be as iconic as my “I <3 NY” one.

Well when I happened to visit Amsterdam in 2008 while the Queen’s Day (now King’s Day since King Willem-Alexander was crowned last year). Although on the actual day we visited the Museums (they were open) and strolled around the city, we made sure to blend in with the crowd. You see on that day, everyone in Amsterdam wears orange so as to show their pride for the Dutch Royal Family, the House of Orange Nassau. As you will see I chose a pair of huge orange sunglasses (that I keep to this day) and an orange flower garland which I shared with my mother. Indeed all the locals were dressed in orange as you can see in the photos and the canals where full with boats of partying people. All over the city in large places concerts were talking place! A really fun and festive atmosphere indeed.

Though I don’t have any photos from these places, the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum should be on your to-visit list in Amsterdam. If you are a football (soccer) fan, then why not visit the Ajax stadium? I always kid that when travelling with my brother I always end up doing “football” tourism. I have seen so many football stadiums all over Europe!! Next to the stadium is a large shopping center focused on furniture. It also has this elevated pod-like structure which houses a cafe. Interesting!!

Of course a post about Amsterdam could not possibly exclude numerous photos of its unique buildings, canals and bridges!

Tell me, have you been to Amsterdam? If yes, what did you like the most?

P.S. I’ve included also some photos that I took in 2011 when I had a 6-hour gap until my connecting flight to Athens.