Guildford, Surrey

It seems that I have an unwritten pact with myself to visit as many British towns and villages as possible. It all started actually back in 2005 when I set my foot in Lancaster for my masters degree. Since then I’ve visited so many places in the UK, south, north, middle…you name it! Most of my travel posts are on my old blog, but slowly I’ll get them transferred to this one. Anyways…one of the latest additions on the list is Guildford in Surrey, which I visited in November during my latest trip in the country.

On the day we visited Guildford the weather was typically British: cloudy and rainy! Thankfully, after we finished brunch over at the Tea Terrace the sky cleared up just a bit (read: it stopped raining), so we were able to walk around the commercial street of Guildford as well as walk up to Guildford Castle and it’s beautiful gardens.  I guess the gardens will look even more beautiful during spring/summer with flowers and such, but still in November they looked pretty nice and got a glimpse of the “wild” nature as you can see in the following pictures.

After visiting the former castle grounds we walked casually around the city spying after interesting houses and details as you’ll see in the following pictures (which I’m proud to say that my fiance shot), we decided on walking up to Guildford Cathedral which I had spotted while sitting at the Tea Terrace.

It was a bit of a long walk up to the Cathedral as it was located on the other part of the city, plus it started drizzling again but was totally worth it; both the walk and the view. The cathedral is a huge building that was constructed back in the 30s but wasn’t finished until 1961. It’s pretty imposing as you can see from the indoor photos. And yes, that’s me peeking from the columns!

After visiting the Cathedral it was time to catch the train back to Woking, in time for dinner at The Red Lion…but I’ve already told you about that!!