Agios Titos church in Herakleion

Last week I published some photos from my vacations in Crete, but there’s more to come! Today I’m featuring photos from Herakleion city. It’s easy to notice that most of my photos are architecture-oriented: the photo above depicts the peculiar church of Saint Titus, while below there are a lot of balconies’ details photos! Also I couldn’t resist shooting a couple of interesting building as well as the statues of Eleftherios Venizelos (a well known Greek politician) and Erotokritos and Aretousa (fictional characters of Vitsentzos Kornaros’ poem Erotokritos). In the second row you’ll find photos from a former Roman and Turkish fountain, which is now used as a cafe! In the last row you’ll see the renowned Morozini Fountain a.k.a. “The Lions”, situated in the city center. And yes of course I couldn’t resist posting a cat photo!!