Floral Dress, Statement Necklace

On Wearability: it’s true that I like to get the most of my clothes and wear them again and again. Most of my clothes tend to be “office friendly”, because let’s face it, there’s where I spend most of my time (at home I wear my pajamas, period). There are some occasions though (attending a wedding anyone?) which call for more formal attire and there’s where it gets tough for me.

Usually, I strive for a dress that’s not too formal, so I can also wear it on a night around town, at a bar, a nice restaurant etc. Well this dress was an exception! I wore it at a wedding (I think it’s obvious from the background) and it’s not a dress I can easily wear on other occasions (unless it’s a wedding or baptism), yet I bought it.

floral dress

I liked its color first and foremost, because it’s a cool color (and by cool I mean the opposite of warm and not the slang word). I’m pretty fair skinned and I think it suits me well. The cherry on top was the necklace, which the lady at the store suggested I’d match with the dress. I like statement necklaces more than other accessories so I got it! I’ve already worn it on a couple of occasions pairing it with white dresses and t-shirts!

Outfit details: Manolo dress, necklace unknown brand