Day trip in Newport & Providence, RI

Newport Rhode Island

It took me a while to visit Newport and Providence in Rhode Island, as they’re so close to Boston, but a few weeks before leaving I made it – and using public transportation nonetheless! I started my trip from Newport and then worked my way up to Providence. The weather didn’t help much, but at least it didn’t rain, so I got to enjoy both cities without the need of an umbrella! Without further ado, here’s what I got up to!


The Breakers, Newport Rhode Island

Newport is a charming coastal town (which I’m a sucker for after visiting a couple of coastal cities in Lake Michigan years ago), famous for the “summer cottages” of prominent and wealthy New York families, like the Vanderbilts! I added the quotation marks there as we are talking about mansions here and not actual cottages (although some of them had humble beginnings size and style wise). Grand, opulent, gilded mansions that honestly put the Versailles to shame!

The Breakers, Newport Rhode Island

There are 9 mansions maintained by the Preservation Society of Newport County, which are open to the public. Those are: The Breakers, Marble House, The Elms, Rosecliff, Chateau sur Mer, Kingscote, The Isaac Bell house, Chepstow and Hunter House. I chose to visit The Breakers as it is the grandest! The entry fee was $20.99 (but you can check for combined tickets, which are value for money if you are visiting more than one mansion) and included free audio guide which I suggest you take as it’s the only way to understand the function of each room and learn details about the Vanderbilt family and the house itself. Photography is not allowed (a thing that always annoys me), so I ended up buying a book about the mansions so I could keep the memory of what I saw!

Next on my list was the Cliff road which goes around those mansions and you are walking by the coast. I chose to walk all the way from The Breakers to Ledge road, which proved to be a big mistake because the last mile is on uneven terrain. Now being Greek and having to hike up and down to visit secluded beaches meant that it was easy, but it was very time-consuming which left me with just a few hours to explore downtown Newport!

Newport Rhode Island Newport Rhode Island

I wandered around the wharves up to the bus stop and went to snap a few photos of the bridge and nearby houses, as they were so colorful! Then it was time to get in the bus and head to Providence!


The bus to Providence passed by the cities of Portsmouth and Bristol which looked very picturesque! As I reached the city I made my way to Faust, which is Dean Hotel’s restaurant and which I had discovered thanks to Instagram! After lunch dinner it was time to explore Providence so I made my way towards College Hill to check out Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). It was overcast but the bloomed magnolias made up for it. I cannot even recall how many photos of magnolias I shot!

Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island

After wandering around Brown I stumbled upon an exhibition from the department of Textiles, so as a fashion enthusiast I entered to look around and snap some photos. As it was getting dark I made my way to the RISD Museum which was open until late. It has many exhibits both modern and old ones, but it was difficult to navigate!

Before getting on the train to Boston I made a stop at Providence Place (a huge mall by the river) where I resisted the urge to by some rings from Madewell! I bid the city farewell and headed home!

Have you visited Newport or Providence? Which aspect of these cities did you like the most?

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The essential guide to Lefkada

the essential guide to Lefkada

In case you were wondering, yes all these Greek Island guides serve one and only purpose: to make you visit Greece! Today’s post is yet another island with gorgeous beaches. Only this time we’re moving west to the Ionian Sea. Ladies and gentlemen I present you Lefkada!

What to see and do

The beaches are Lefkada’s biggest assets no questions asked! I will elaborate on those further one. Vasiliki and Nydri are two seaside villages with marinas, restaurants and hotels. Karya is a traditional village up in the mountain where you are going to find delicious food and local embroidery.

For nature lovers there is also a waterfall near Nydri (which is going to be full of water in spring). Walking along Lefkada town’s pedestrian streets and along the promenade at night is highly recommended!

Other things you can do is taking a cruise to from Nydri and/or Vasiliki towards Lefkadas beaches, Meganissi, Ithaki, Kefalonia and Skoprios islands (the latter belonged to Aristotle Onasis and nowadays to a Russian businessman)

Beaches you shouldn’t miss

Egremni beach, Lefkada

Porto Katsiki and Egremni are the stars here! The first one is an iconic beach down by a cliff (which means space is limited especially in August). The latter also requires you to walk down many steps but you are rewarded with a long beach and turquoise sea!

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Kathisma beach, Lefkada
Kathisma and Agios Nikitas towards the north are beautiful too and more accessible (no cliffs here). Near Agios Nikitas there is also a beach called Milos which is either accessible by boat from Agios Nikitas (recommended) or via a narrow path starting from the village which can be quite tiring. Agios Ioannis on the north tip is usually windy and ideal for windsurf and kitesurf.

If you check the map, you will notice that all the beaches that I suggest are on the west side of the island. That doesn’t mean that the east part doesn’t have beaches. It does. But they are not that spectacular. They’re family friendly also!

Egremni beach, Lefkada

Pro tip (from a local): if you’re visiting during high season go to the beach early (especially in Porto Katsiki, Egremni, Kathisma). That way you’re going to find parking and maybe a sun lounge.

When to visit

Nydri, Lefkada

I’ve visited Lefkada twice: once in May and once in August. In May Lefkada was magical: empty beaches, crystal clear water, the nature was in full bloom. But I couldn’t take advantage of these beaches. In August I could of course take advantage of the beaches, but they were packed! My best bet (as with all islands) would be June and September!

Where to eat

In the city center I totally love Thymari (meaning thyme). It is a Greek cuisine with a twist restaurant which I recommend to everyone who visits the island. You can check out Sandy’s review on the restaurant for more information. If you’re a pizza fan, I recommend Festino, a pizzeria near the new marina.

Remember that mountain village Karya I mentioned above? If you happen to pass by, do have lunch or dinner on the main square. You won’t be disappointed!

How to get there

tranquility in Vasiliki, Lefkada

Lefkada is actually an island that you can access by car, no ferry needed. It is so close to the mainland that a small bridge is the only thing needed! The island is connected by ferries with Kefalonia and Ithaki. There is also Aktio airport nearby providing flights to Athens.

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Have you visited Lefkada? What did you like the most?

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White eyelet shorts (+shoes too)!

Zara tank top and H&M white shorts

August is here and most Athenians leave for vacations. They go to the islands, the mainland, anywhere and everywhere in order to escape the city for a few days. I’ve yet to go on holidays, so every  weekend I head to the southern suburbs of Athens (where my hometown is) for relaxation and of course swimming and lounging at the beach (and share beach snaps on Instagram).

The setting

This last weekend I took a stroll in Voula’s main square and took notice of a new cafe/bar/restaurant called Family (note: we love slashes in this country) which opened a few months ago. I was intrigued by the decor (I’m an interior design sucker and my Pinterest habits can prove it), the whiteness and the fer forgé chairs. So yesterday we went there for a family lunch (see what I did there?) and took the opportunity to shoot some outfit photos!

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The outfit

I have a deep love anything white and embroidered! Preferably in dress form, but shorts come a close second! These white eyelet shorts are not new; I got them from H&M first Conscious Collection back in 2011. I always had trouble pairing them with the right top, as they are a bit poof-y! This tank top though seems to do the trick! I paired it also with my Kate Spade slingbacks which also feature an eyelet design. These shoes were my wedding shoes but I’ve worn them many times since then (I couldn’t bare spending so much money on a pair of shoes that would be worn once)! My jewelry are from Folli Follie, a Greek brand that I adore (they also make beautiful bags)!

So tell me! What did you get up to this weekend?

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Folli Follie ring, bracelet and watch

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An essential guide to Mykonos

An essential guide to Mykonos | Aspects of Style

Mykonos is an island with many faces and many target groups of visitors: the party animals, the jet setters, the bohemians and those who just like the island!

What to see and do

mykonos town at dusk

There lot’s of things one can do in Mykonos and these activities can be tailored to one’s preference. Mykonos town is very picturesque and you can walk around, shop and dine. Walking up to the windmills and taking photos of little Venice is a must!

Beach lounging and swimming is a must during the summer so check out the following list of beaches you shouldn’t miss!

Mykonos is also known as a party island! Paradise and Super Paradise beaches have beach bars where the party starts early on (in the afternoon) and appeal to young crowds. Cavo Paradiso is the island’s most famous club and many internationally acclaimed DJs come here every summer! It’s not my cup of tea but the location of the club is breathtaking…especially during sunrise!

Little Venice

Mykonos caters for watersports fans as well (it isn’t called Island of the Winds for nothing). Ftelia beach is ideal for windsurfing (faces north) and there are also water sports clubs in Kalafatis and Ornos beaches as well.

Last but not least, the history lovers can visit Delos island which is next to Mykonos and is an archaeological site in its entirety. Delos according to Greek mythology is the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. It played a significant role in antiquity both sacred and territorial one! It is not inhabited (save for the people who work on the museum located on the island) and is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Centers.

Beaches you shouldn’t miss

Kalo Livadi beach

My favorite ones are Kalo Livadi and Elia (and I’ve also included them in my 10 Greek Beaches you shouldn’t miss list). If you’re a jet setter and want to mingle with celebrities then head to Psarrou beach. Agrari is a smaller beach next to Elia, low-key and with pebbles (whereas most beaches have sand in Mykonos).

Agios Sostis beach, Mykonos

If you’re looking for a beach off the beaten path (but not for long because every other blog I suggests this beach as well) head to Agios Sostis in the north. You should keep in mind though that during the summer strong north winds blow in the Aegean and on those days any beach facing north is a no-no (unless you’re into windsurfing)!

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When to visit

The season starts in May with group of students coming to the island for a 5-day “spring” break. Then in June during the long weekend of Pentecost many people especially homeowners and friends of homeowners flock to the island to see and be seen. July and August are of course high (and ultra high) season! If you ask me, I’d visit either in June or September!

What to shop

If you’re looking for local flavors, then I suggest you try marzipan cookies/candies which are very popular in the Cyclades. Mykonos is a cosmopolitan island, so you’ll come across fine boutiques and jewelry stores!

How to get there

Mykonos town

Mykonos has an international airport so there are daily flights from Athens and many European cities. Option number two would be the ferry! There are daily trips from Piraeus and Rafina and there is connection with Heraklion, Crete as well! You can check out information about trips (and book tickets) via Open Seas.

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Super Paradise beach Kalo Livadi beach

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Instagram {aspects} #17 – Hot

This month was the total opposite – temperature wise – from what I’ve encountered back in February in Boston . Here’s a peek to refresh your memory! The thermometer hit 39 degrees Celsius (that’s 102 Fahrenheit to you) many times during the last week. Needless to say that the a/c is on full mode both at home and at the office and trips to the beach are in order every single weekend! Varkiza is my favorite beach near Athens and you’ll find plenty of photos from that particular beach on my Instagram feed!

Despite the heat I went for a day trip to Nafplio wearing my new summer dress and beloved floppy hat!

During #throwbackthursdays (or #tbt) I share photos from my trips to Washington DC (cherry blossoms anyone?), New York City and Big Sur!

Here on the blog I shared the following posts to spark your wanderlust:

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Driving away to Malibu.

Stay in touch with me on Instagram for summer photos (as this is going to be my vacations month) and snippets from Athens architecture (which I always find enticing to shoot)!

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Day trip to Nafplio

Syntagram Square Naplio

Nafplio is my favorite day trip destination from Athens. In just 2 hours ride you step back in time and visit Greece’s first capital city after it was liberated from the Ottoman Empire. Now,to be honest at that point Nafplio was a significant city since ancient times. Back then it was called Tirintha (now an archaeological site) and was located a few kilometers from the city’s current position. If you look up to the hill above Nafplio you will see Palamidi fortress built by the Venetians back in the 18th century.

Palamini fortress, Nafplio

Palamidi should be your first port of call when arriving in the city. It’s better to drive up there and walk around the fortress grounds before it gets too hot during the summer months. From here you have a wonderful view over the city and of course Bourtzi castle in the middle of Nafplio’s harbor.

Every time I visit, I like to wander around the cobblestone streets of Nafplio’s old town. These streets are full of cute little shops, cafes and restaurants. On Vasileos Konstantinou street that connects Trion Navarchon square with Syntagma square (old town’s central square) you will find my favorite ice cream parlor Koustenis which is a local brand and was recommended to me by Vasia who lives in the city, so she knows best! Then on Staikopoulou street behind Syntagma square you are going to find a couple of restaurants/taverns as well. My favorite one there is Vassilis (and I keep going back again and again)!

Koustenis ice cream

During past visits I also liked to walk along the paved path that leads to Arvanitia beach, a few miles from Nafplio port. Last week though it was too hot to even attempt such a thing! Well, there’s always next time! For the time being I leave you with more colorful photos from my day trip to Nafplio!

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Colorful street in Nafplio Balcony in Nafplio

Travel Monkey

Floppy Hat

Floppy hat and sun dress in Nafplio

Last week my husband and I went on a day trip to Nafplio to meet with friends It was hot and sunny so I opted for a light sun dress and my trusted floppy hat!

The latter is a new addition to my accessories list! I always had an affinity for hats, but smaller ones like fedoras. The floppy hat though was love at first sight! I was playing around with it at Macy’s while my friends looked for gifts back in March. When I placed it on me I realized that it suits me far better than fedoras…so I had to make it mine! It is an essential part of my beach attire this summer(you might saw it on Instagram)!

The summer dress is another new acquisition that I got during the summer sales and I’m loving it! It needed a small alteration (that I performed myself) but it was perfect and decided to snatch it as I saw increased demand on the store (and it was the only piece on my size)!!

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So, today is all about my outfit (which I adore I must admit), but stay tuned because on Thursday’s travel post I’m going to tell you all about Nafplio, which is after all ideal for a weekend break all year round!

Outfit details: hat and sandals BCBGeneration, dress Pepe Jeans, bag Coach (old), bangles  (old) Coach, Anna Lou of London, sunglasses Moschino! P.S. the lipstick is NARS Audacious lipstick in Brigitte and I got it because Alexa Chung wore that shade at the Met Ball. To be honest it’s the best lipstick (shade wise) that I’ve ever got!

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Foodie’s Guide to Boston

Foodie's Guide to Boston

I’m back with a new foodie guide! Last time it was Montreal and this time is all about Boston (Cambridge and Somerville as well) the city I called home from September 2014 to May 2015. This post covers the restaurants and cafes I’ve visited in this lovely city, which you should also check too if you find yourself in the area. I hope you’re not hungry by the way, because this post is kind of dangerous!

Alden & Harlow

Alden & Harlow is an American restaurant which uses locally sourced ingredients. Add delicious cocktails and semi-industrial interiors to the list and you have the perfect restaurant for dinner! During the weekend it’s open for brunch as well. Need more info? Here’s the review I wrote about Alden& Harlow.

Area Four

I’ve read about this pizza place on Twitter, blogs and online magazines until I finally got to visit 2 weeks before leaving Boston!! Their pizza is delicious and is served on a high tray! I’ve also heard from multiple sources that the garlic knots are to die for! Area Four is located on 500 Technology Square, Cambridge MA

Au Bon Pain

Au Bon Pain is a chain bakery café for sandwiches, soups and of pastries (think croissants and scones). It has many locations around Boston and I’ve tried both their hot sandwiches and scones and I’m a fan!

California Pizza Kitchen

Yes I know…another chain restaurant on the list, but there’s pizza involved!! I first tried CPK in Michigan back in 2008 and loved it! I don’t find their pizza too fatty and greasy and it’s an easy lunch option (especially when you’re in a mall)! CPK can be found inside Cambridgeside Galleria (Cambridge) and the Prudential Center (Back Bay).

Foundry on Elm

Foundry is a pub/restaurant on Elm Street Somerville (Davis Square). It was the first restaurant I visited in Boston. I loved their pork belly sandwich and their beers (although I can’t recall the exact one I’ve tried). You’ll find Foundry on 255 Elm Street, Somerville, MA

Galleria Umberto

Galleria Umberto, which is an Italian restaurant but much more different from the other two I’ve included in this list. This place is very basic in terms of amenities and menu items. You have to choose between Sicilian pizza, arancini and another item (I think it was baked potato). Oh! you’re probably going to see a queue outside the restaurant at lunchtime and they close when they run out of dough, so come here early! The pizza was very tasty and authentic I beat myself for not getting a second slice! You’ll find Galleria Umberto at 289 Hanover Street, Boston, MA.

Georgetown Cupcake

If you’re a fan of cupcakes with fluffy buttercream frosting then Georgetown Cupcake should be on your list! It’s conveniently located on Newbury Street (so you can pop in while shopping)! They have some staple flavors and many rotating and seasonal ones! One thing you should know is that every day they make a free (yes free) not on the menu flavor that they announce on Twitter. There are only 100 made (on each location) every day and you have to order it by name! Never tried it, but it’s really cool right?!

JP Licks

JP Licks ice cream

JP Licks is an ice cream parlor chain all over Boston! I wanted to visit early on, but with fall being chilly and winter freezing I patiently waited till spring! They have some standard flavors and new ones each month. I believe that their claim for best homemade ice cream is credible and you should add JP Licks to your list. You can find information about their locations here.

Legal Sea Foods

Legal Sea Foods has been around since the ‘50s and is synonymous to fresh fish and seafood. My favorite dish there is the lobster roll (because I wouldn’t dare order a whole lobster!) and if you are a soup fan you have to try their clam chowder or the lobster bisque! Legal Seafood has many restaurants around Boston, but my favorite one is on Long Wharf.

Lulu’s Sweet Shoppe

Lulu’s Sweet Shoppe is a cupcake, ice cream and retro candy shop located in the North End (57 Salem Street, Boston, MA). I’ve tried their cupcakes which are delicious!

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

Oh where to start about this place!! If you love hot chocolate and decadent desserts then this place is for you! It’s the one restaurant/café I’ve visited the most while in Boston! The hazelnut hot chocolate is my favorite one, as well as the OMG cookie (if you’re in for a “small” treat)!! The dessert pictured above is pizza with peanut butter, bananas and marshmallows. We split it between 2 persons but it was sooo filling due to the marshmallows…better order half next time! Max Brenner is located on 745 Boylston Street, Boston and you can read my review right here!

Mike’s Pastry

If you happen to read any guide about Boston either on print or online Mike’s Pastry will definitely pop up as a “must visit” Italian pastry shop in the North End. It is particular famous for the cannoli but they have other desserts as well like cookies, brownies etc. You’ll find Mike’s Pastry at 300 Hanover Street, Boston.


Papagayo is a nice Mexican restaurant on 4 locations all over Boston (South Boston, Downtown, Assembly Row and Saugus). I’ve only been there for brunch (available at the South Boston location) and can report that the menu features not only a large number of brunch classics like Eggs Benedict, Scrambles eggs, pancakes, but also Mexican dishes like Quesadillas and Burrito. I went for a classic with a twist: Mexican Eggs Benedict (pictured above on the left), which consists of: poached eggs, English muffins, Chipotle Hollandaise, Chorizo, home fries, chili-lime dressed greens! I can assure you they were delicious and not so spicy!

Papa Razzi

I have an affinity for Italian restaurants, so Papa Razzi could not possibly escape me. It’s located right on Newbury Street and it’s obvious that I like to combine (window) shopping with eating apparently! I’ve tried pizza and niocci and both dishes stole my heart! I like the interior of this place as well!! You’ll find Papa Razzi on 159 Newbury Street, Boston.

Post 390

I won’t lie: I visited this restaurant with the sole purpose of trying the Belgian Liège Waffle Sundae (pictured above, but not currently on the menu). My friends and I got there half an hour before dinnertime so we were given the late lunch menu and all of us opted for the burger and then dessert! Post 390 can be found at 406 Stuart Street (corner with Claredon), Boston.

Quincy Market

Quincy Market is an old school food hall. It’s a rectangle building lined up with every kind of food store you can think of: hot dogs, clam chowder, pizza, burgers, Greek food, cookies and chocolates!! I’ve tasted bits and bobs from The Dog House, Kilvert and Forbes bake shop and Bagelville.

Rosebud American Kitchen and Bar

An old diner turned restaurant near Davis Square, Somerville! If possible find seating on the front part of the restaurant which is the old diner car is. I’ve tried the pulled pork sandwich and a Southern Iced Tea! I can also confirm that the non-alcoholic drink with lemonade and lavender is delicious! Try the pies as well (if you do have a space in your stomach that is)! You’ll find Rosebud at 381 Summer Street, Somerville.

Shake Shack

Shake Shack is a gourmet burger chain restaurant originating from New York City. The menu features burgers, flat top dogs, frozen custard and of course drinks. I liked the burger, but wasn’t impressed by the fries. Shake Shack is located in 92 Winthrop Street Cambridge, MA and 234 Newbury Street, Boston, MA.

Sound Bites

Sound Bites is a very popular brunch destination in Somerville during the weekends. You’ll see people queuing outside rain or shine! Being smart (and since I didn’t work) I’ve visited on a weekday when it’s easy to find a table! This place is definitely going to be hard for people who have trouble choosing, as the options are never-ending: vast assortments of omelets, waffles, eggs Benedict, pancakes… Everything you can think of is in the menu!! I’ve tried the egg benedicts and the scone plate (which consists of omelet, ham, hash browns puree and a scone of your choice). Sound Bites is located on 704 Broadway, Ball Square, Somerville.

Tatte Bakery

Tatte Bakery, Cambridge MA

Tatte is a really nice bakery/cafe with branches in Cambridge, Boston and Brookline ideal for breakfast and brunch. I’ve tried the Croque Madame which was served in a croissant and my husband got poached eggs and one of those delicious croissants pictured above! Tatte is the closest you can get to a French bakery in Boston (although it’s not French)! You can find details about Tatte locations here.

The Painted Burro

The Painted Burro is a nice Mexican restaurant in Davis square ideal for dinner or brunch. I’ve been there for dinner and tried the Carnitas Cubana torta (sandwich). Unfortunately I couldn’t take decent photos of the place since it was cloudy outside and the indoor lights were not adequate and I was bummed  because the restaurant features funky wall paintings! The Painted Burro is located on 219 Elm Street, Somerville, MA. For colorful photos of their offerings check out their Instagram account.


Another Italian restaurant on the list! Toscano can be found on two locations: Brattle Street off Harvard Square and Charles Street in Beacon Hill. I’ve visited the Harvard Square location twice and loved it! Of course I’ve tried the pizza which was delicious, but also the meatball starter and the veal Milanese! If you do visit or even better reserve a table there make sure to be seated near a window (bonus points if it’s right on the corner), as the location is ideal for people watching!

So here’s my recommendations about restaurants and cafes in Boston! I hope you enjoyed them and if you plan to visit Boston do pin the post for further reference! If you’re also interested in things to do in the city I’ve written about the Back Bay, South End, Beacon Hill and Harvard Square! An all over guide about the city will surely follow in the coming months!

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A walk around Downtown LA

downtown Los Angeles

It’s not secret that I fell in love with Los Angeles when I visited back in March! Before I planned my trip I had no idea how vast LA is, where the different neighborhoods are positioned on the map or which places to visit except for Beverly Hills and Santa Monica! The bits and bobs I knew about LA came from TV series (hello Beverly Hills 90210), films and of course celebrity blogs and magazines (I honestly can’t recall how many times celebrities were spotted on the Grove (which, yes I managed to visit back in March).

The one place I knew nothing about was Downtown LA which was undeveloped (and neglected) for many years. Surely it’s full of skyscrapers and office buildings, but there are also museums, open spaces, interesting restaurants and picturesque neighborhoods like Little Tokyo.

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Our walk around Downtown LA (aka DTLA) starts from Walt Disney Music Hall, as we parked nearby!! The Music Hall was design by architect Frank Gehry, whom I admire! The building was completed in 2004 and now houses the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. I suggest you walk around the building and visit the Blue Ribbon garden, which features a water-lily fountain created by broken porcelain, dedicated to Lily Disney.

Museum of Contemporary art

Moving on we passed by The Museum of Contemporary Art and headed to Bottega Louie, which is a desserts’ paradise straight out of Paris! Those lilac pastries stole my heart, but I decided to be more practical and opted for a huge macaron with raspberries and chocolate cream!

Next stop: Little Tokyo. It’s no secret that I love everything that has to do with Japan (it’s on my bucket list), so I was really happy to visit the area. And I bought some Japanese stickers as well. For my collection!

It was getting late in the afternoon so we made our way back to our car passing by LA’s City Hall and the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, which has to be one of the most modern churches I’ve ever seen).

We got a little glimpse of DTLA, but if you do make it there, here are a couple of places you should check out: Arts District, Staples Center (that’s were the LA Lakers play) and El Pueblo de Los Angeles! If you’re a books’ fan add The Last Bookstore to your list. Oh and a drink atop The Standard Hotel wouldn’t hurt either!

Have you visited Downtown LA? Any cool places I should add to my list?

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California department of transportation

Eclairs Bottega Louie Los Angeles theater mural in Little Tokyo Building in Downtown LA

Instagram {aspects} #16

My oh my…a month passed by since my last re-cap and SO many things have happened. So many! I returned back to work, trying to adjust back to the Greek reality after 9 months abroad and what do I get? A referendum! (not to mentioned closed banks and zero interest in working). But I’m hoping for the best because I’m an optimistic person!

Politics aside (which are not the topic of this blog) I got to explore new places in the city, discover new street art and try out new (for me) cafes and restaurants like Rock & Balls and Indian Kitchen! I attended the Swarovski press event for the upcoming fall collection, checked out Marianna G’s swimwear (and accessories) and learned about sun protection from Hawaiian tropic (p.s. their sunscreen and after sun smell deliciously)!

My throw back posts were of course about Alden&Harlow in Cambridge, MA and that classic view of Boston from MIT’s sailing pavilion and walking around Greenwich Village in New York City.

Also on the blog this month:

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So, how was June for you?

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