Dream Vacation: Japan


For me vacations are the perfect opportunity to escape routine and experience something new. Something different. Another culture. Another country. So if you ask me of dream vacation blue sea, the Maldives or the Caribbean probably won’t be my answer (I’ve swam in turquoise sea in Greece thank-you-very-much). My dream vacation would be going to Japan. Never traveled anywhere in Asia (does Istanbul count?) before, but the one country I definitely want to visit is Japan.

I think that the film “Lost in Translation” has a lot to do with my desire to visit this country. About the time (almost) I watched the film I also bought a book with quirky Japanese fashion, called “Fresh Fruits”. The book actually derived from a magazine with the same name, which was about street style fashion in the Harajuku area of Tokyo, long before The Sartorialist made street style a household (almost) name.

And then there are the cherry blossoms, which are absolutely breathtaking as you can see in the collage above! The photos in this post were kindly provided my Aggie, who visited Japan twice in the past 2 years. When I see her photos of cherry blossoms I can’t restrain myself from going “aahhhh”! Surely I’d like to visit Kyoto and old temples and would be more than happy to spot a geisha and touch REAL kimonos (and not the ones that you can pair with denim shorts – I’m guilty of that too) and experience a country that’s so different than mine (Greece that is).

The last (but not least) reason why I want to visit Japan is Hello Kitty. I’ve grown up always having some sort of merchandise here or there, but going to Tokyo, boy that would be it!! I would have to get an extra suitcase just for cute stuff!!

So, I’d like to know, where would your dream vacation be?

P.S. Visit Aggie’s blog Once Over Lightly to see more lovely photos from Japan and many more! The photos I used for the collage are from the posts Sakura, Kitano Tenmangu and Gion.

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5 Ways to Wear Grey Jeans

5 ways to wear grey jeans

A few years ago I didn’t even own a pair of grey jeans, relying only my trusty blue ones and the occasional black pair! But as I rummages the sales stand in Zara one day I found a pair of skinny jeans in my size, realized that I look good in them and got them! Since then I styled them in various ways and on various occasions and I can tell you one thing: it’s like wearing a pair of blue jeans! They can be styled with almost every color!

Which Colors Look Best With Grey

Yellow and grey is a winning combination in my books and I know I’m not the only one! Baby pink and grey on the other hand is a more “romantic” combination, as this pin also illustrates. Personally I’ve styled my jeans with my neon yellow cardigan numerous times, but it was this year that I started to combine it with my pale pink t-shirt (heck that was even my latest travelling outfit)!

Yellow and pink do bring the best out of grey, but is can also be paired with blue, black, cream and even taupe (depends on the hue) tops.

Another day, another top!

In terms tops grey jeans can be paired with t-shirts, button downs, bohemian blouses and sweaters. It depends on the season and the mood! You can dress them up with a sparkly top, or down with a casual sweater! I usually err on the casual side!

And what about shoes?

Skinny jeans look really great with heels: it’s a pairing I love to make! They also go along pretty well with ballerinas too! Especially if those said ballerinas inject a pop of color in the outfit! And last for colder months ankle boots are a must!

Tell me do you own grey jeans? If so, how do you style them?

Fall Fashion Inspiration

fall fashion inspiration

Last week I wrote about the color burgundy and how to incorporate it in your wardrobe! This week I’m taking a step behind and share with you some fall fashion inspiration. Of course it involves burgundy as well…styled by no other than Olivia Palermo, who by the way is one of my 3 style icons (want to know the other 2? Check my corresponding Pinterest board).

So…autumn for me calls for:

Grey…even more grey! To add to my extensive collection of grey sweaters(of all hues)
Burgundy…to add warmth and a pop of color to those said grey outfits
Cozy cardigans and sweaters…I just love to snuggle up!
Ankle boots…because it’s not that cold for knee high boots. Want to know how to style them? I’ve got you covered!
Parkas…In the beginning I couldn’t understand what the fuss is about, but I got one and I love it!

Photo sources: Cardigan, Olivia Palermo, grey outfit, Damsel in Dior (the rest 2 are mine)

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Avli Restaurant, Rethymno

Avli restaurant Rethymno

So, I’m taking a small break from showing you my whereabouts in Boston, to travel a little back in time to my summer vacations and introduce you to a little gem…

If you’re visiting Rethymno, then Avli restaurant, should be on your “to visit” list. Located in a picturesque cobblestone, bougainvillea adorned little streets in the Old Town, this restaurant offers a mix of traditional Cretan dishes, as well as “reformed” Cretan dishes as well (what I call “with a twist”). Avli in Greek means yard and that exactly is the main feature of the restaurant: a nice little yard adorned with quirky chandeliers and peculiar wall art.I discovered this restaurant  after reading about it in Sandy’s blog “S Marks the Spots” and back in August, when I was vacationing in Crete, I devised my schedule in such a way in order to make sure that I would visit the restaurant.

Avli restaurant Rethymno decorative details

The food was delicious … Oh man, I could just be satisfied with the bread assortment they serve plus a salad. But alas, we also tried mushrooms with cheese mousse as an appetizer, a vegetarian risotto (with cereals, fresh mushrooms, zucchini and thyme) and a free range goat cooked with a delicious marinade of honey and thyme. Price wise, Avli is on the mid to upper part of the scale, but the quality of the food won’t disappoint you! Needless to say that we ended up recommending the restaurant to everyone we know!

Essential Information: Avli is located in corner of Xanthoudidou 22 & Radamanthios streets, Rethymno 74100, tel: +30 28310 58250/26213. You can also find it online here (they offer accomodation as well).

Avli restaurant Rethymno Avli restaurant Rethymno food Avli restaurant Rethymno food Avli restaurant Rethymno the courtyard Avli restaurant Rethymno food Avli restaurant Rethymno food Avli restaurant Rethymno decorative details Avli restaurant Rethymno

Afternoon Stroll in Commonwealth Avenue

j crew sweater

How could I possibly ignore the beauty of Commonwealth Avenue and not shoot an outfit post there? Yesterday was a lovely day and after enjoying brunch (which has almost become an institution here on Sundays) in Harvard Square, we ventured out in Boston for some photo shooting!

If you’re a regular here, you probably seen these grey jeans many times. What can I say?! It’s my favorite pair of trousers! It’s so versatile and can be dressed up or down easily! The sweater though is a new addition. And being in the US it comes from a brand that even Mrs. Obama trusts: J.Crew. The ankle boots are new too, as I didn’t bring any with me due to luggage limitation and the fact that they have high heel that are not compatible with walking! These ones are the perfect pair and are so comfortable!

Which is your favorite piece of clothing? The one that matches (almost) everything and you frequently wear? (Oh do share your recent purchases too! I’m curious!)

Outfit details: Sweater, J.Crew (similar, similar), jeans Zara (similar), ankle boots, Crown Vintage, pendant Swarovski (similar).

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j crew sweater zara jeans

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Links Worth Checking Out #7

links worth checking out

This week’s noteworthy links are a potpourri actually of wardrobe organization tips (yes I love those and they are handy in transitional periods like autumn and spring), old school style (found it in my Facebook timeline and I just had to share it) and blogging tips (so I may finally caved in to create an editorial calendar)!

Our first stop of the day is Geneva’s tips for trans-seasonal staples. I actually own most of them and they are here with me in Boston helping me to get through fall. Especially my Zara parka…it was a really good choice! Now on that fall wardrobe thing, I just found Chriselle’s post on how to take care of boots, which is super helpful as I own both ankle boots as well as knee high boots.  And last on that wardrobe front: what to keep and what to toss during your seasonal fall cleaning. Well I’ve already brought only the essentials here with me, but I’m keeping it for further use. Especially liked the “toss items forever pending repair”, as I’ve been guilty of having a dress and a pair of trousers sitting in the closet waiting for repair for almost 5 years. So yes, out they went!

Facebook news feed is the place you’ll find all sorts of links and videos. Personally, I’m too picky and almost never watch videos (also despise chain mails with videos). But every now and then you find a gem and for me it was that post about old school (black&white) cool. And class, the kind of class we lack today.

Last after participating on #blisschat last week (really enjoying the fact that I can actually take part in North American Twitter chats by the way) I decided on creating an editorial calendar. At least one week ahead. So far I missed one post because I was lazy and procrastinating by trying to write another post (for another blog), but I’ll manage! If you’re interesting in editorial calendars wordpress.com has the scoop!

 Did you read any interesting posts that you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments!


Going Out in Boston: 8 Places I’ve Visited So Far

Exploring Boston isn’t all about sightseeing (wait till I get to the museums too). It’s also about tasting this city. Well, not literally, but definitely tasting what the restaurants in this city have to offer. I’m just at the beginning of my tasting journey so bear with me! In this post I’m sharing with you 8 places I’ve visited so far. If you’d ask me to sum up the experience I’d use two words: burgers and cupcakes…you’ll see where I’m getting at!

Foundry on Elm, Davis Square

So, I happen to live quite near Davis Square in Somerville, which is a jolly little square if you ask me with many cafes, restaurants and hair salons. Yes you read right. Foundry on Elm (which is basically on Elm street hence the name) is one of them and actually the first restaurant (ok slash pub) I’ve visited since arriving in Boston. I went for a pork belly sandwich and fries, which was pretty good! Must visit again and taste their other offerings as well!

Foundry is located on 255 Elm Street, Somerville, MA 02144.


Scoozi is one of the many cafes/restaurants available on Newbury street. So, when you’re tired of shopping or window shopping is a good place for a stop. Though I’d like to have had a pizza, I didn’t, because I’m not sure I could eat it all so I went for niocci with a white sauce. They were good, but still I think that pizza would be better. Next time!

Scoozi is located in 237 Newbury Street, Boston, 02116.

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How to Wear (and Style) Burgundy

How to Wear and Style Burgundy

Burgundy slowly (but steadily) becomes a staple color in our winter wardrobes. You might come across the terms oxblood and wine colored as well, but they all have the same base: that warm deep red color ideal for winter.

Why burgundy?

…when there are other colors as well!! The thing is though that burgundy bonds well with many other winter colors such as black, grey, tan, beige,blue olive green and mustard. And since half of them are already in my wardrobe I’m wondering why the hell don’t I own anything in burgundy yet!!

How to incorporate burgundy in your looks

Well, there are a couple of ways you can, and most of them are demonstrated in the collage I made above.

You can either go full on burgundy like the Caroline de Maigret  in the top right photo, or wear a burgundy colored accessory, like the hat Rosie (The Londoner) wore on LFW (top left photo). Personally I’d like to get a pair of burgundy colored pants, like the ones Ahn (9 to 5 chic) is wearing in the middle photo.

An easy way to style burgundy pants is with a light grey, white or beige t-shirt/sweater, but you can go bolder and pair the pants with a colored t-shirt/sweater: mustard, royal blue or black as a fall/winter version of color-blocking.

In beauty terms the best way to add a dash of burgundy would be wearing a dark, bold lipstick. Beauty high has all the tips on how to work that dark lip!

So tell me: How would YOU incorporate burgundy in your looks?

P.S. The bag in the collage above is from Zara and the hat from Topshop!


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